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Home > Tips > [Updated] 20 iOS 12 Potential Problems, Issues and Solutions

[Updated] 20 iOS 12 Potential Problems, Issues and Solutions

iOS 12 update has been causing various problems. In the following, we list top 20 iOS 12 potential problems and issues that we collected from iOS 12 users, and also offer solutions to fix these iOS 12 problems on your iPhone or iPad.

Updated Oct 11,2018 | by Niko

Since its release on Sept. 17, now iOS 12 is installed on over 50% off active iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch). However, this update has been causing various problems. In the following, we list top 20 iOS 12 potential problems and issues that we collected from iOS 12 users, and also offer solutions to fix these iOS 12 problems on your iPhone or iPad.

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Top 20 iOS 12 Potential Problems, Issues and Solutions

1. iOS 12 won’t install on iPhone

When updating to iOS 12 on iPhone, you may encounter the problem of downloading or installing. And you get the notification: “Unable to Check for Update: An error occurred while checking for a software update”, “Software Update Failed: An error occurred downloading iOS 12” or “Unable to Verify Update: iOS 12 failed verification because you are no longer connected to the Internet”.

If you are facing one of these iOS 12 update problems, try the potential solutions:

·         Check if your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is compatible with iOS 12

·         Free up iPhone storage, and make sure your iOS devices have enough space for iOS 12. Tips: Use IOTransfer to 1-click clean up junk files, and backup iPhone content before updating to iOS 12.

·         Reset network settings

·         Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, and retry to install iOS 12 update

·         Try to update your iPhone to iOS 12 via iTunes

You can read: iOS 12 Won’t Install, Use These 5 Methods to Fix for the detailed steps.

2. iPhone running slow after updating to iOS 12

According to Apple, iOS 12 speeds up your iOS devices completely, with up to 70% faster swipe to camera, up to 50% faster keyboard display and up tp 2x faster app launch under heavy workload. Many reviewers and users respond that iOS 12 runs much faster, especially on older iPhone models.

BUT, there are some users also complain that their iPhone get slow after updating to iOS 12. Here are some feasible solutions to fix this issue:

·         Restart or reset your iPhone directly

·         Update or delete unwanted files & apps, clear app data & cache

·         Enable “Reduce Transparency & Reduce Motion” on iPhone in iOS 12: go to Settings > General > Accessibility > turn on Reduce Transparency > Reduce Motion.

3. iOS 12 FaceTime group video issue

FaceTime in iOS 12 is completed updated to support video and audio chat with up to 32 people at once. But some users find that iOS 12 FaceTime group chat feature not working. If you are facing this issue, try these solutions:

·         FaceTime group chat is a new feature coming with iOS 12, it doesn’t work with iOS 11 or earlier. So, make sure you and other people are using iOS devices in iOS 12.

·         Check your Internet connection, reset network settings if it’s necessary

·         Restart or restore your iOS devices

4. iOS 12 Camera not working on iPhone

Some users feedback in Apple Community that iPhone camera stop working after download and installed iOS 12, even in all apps  which have access to the camera. It shows nothing but black screen when they try to open and use camera. How to fix iOS 12 Camera not working on iPhone?

·         Restart the Camera app or iPhone

·         Make sure the VoiceOver feature is disabled. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > turn off VoiceOver

·         Reset iPhone

·         If Camera still not working, then it may be a hardware issue. Just contact Apple support to solve it

5. iMessage not working in iOS 12

iOS 12 may cause Message issue, making the iMessage not working on iPhone properly. No matter you cannot send or receive iMessage, try the following solutions to fix the issue.

·         Turn off iMessage and then turn it on

·         Sign out and login back to iMessage

·         iMessage working replies on Internet, so check the network connection

·         Go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive to check if both phone number and email address are added

6. iOS 12 update washed out iPhone screen

iOS 12 may wash out iPhone screen, making the display color looks brighter. This issue is fairly widespread, and many of the feedbacks and complaints come from iPhone X users.

Actually, it’s not a bug or has anything to do with restart or restore your iPhone. Apple changed the filter on the background. So we suggest you to use dark colored wallpapers to avoid this issue.

7. Screen Time not working on iPhone

Screen Time is a new feature coming with iOS 12. It allows you to manage and monitor how much time users spend using apps on iOS devices. If the Screen Time not working properly on iPhone in iOS 12, fix it with these tips:

·         Turn off/on Screen Time

·         Force restart iPhone (iPad or iPod touch in iOS 12)

·         Set Date & Time automatically

·         Reset all the settings on iOS device

8. Group Notification not working in iOS 12

Notifications are much easier to manage in iOS 12, because the grouped notifications reduce unwanted interruptions. However, some people who are using iOS 12 said that their iPhone Group Notifications iOS 12 not working. How to fix this?

·         Disable/re-enable Notifications

·         Set “Group Notifications” to automatic

·         Allow notifications to show up on the Lock Screen

9. iOS 12 Wi-Fi issue

Have confronted with iOS 12 Wi-Fi issues on iPhone in iOS 12? Following these steps:

·         Check Wi-Fi router

·         Turn off/on Wi-Fi, or connect to another one to try if it works

·         Reset Network settings

·         Check Wi-Fi networking service: Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Wi-Fi Networking

10. iOS 12 Cellular Data Problem

After updating to iOS 12, your cellular connection becomes unstable or not working. Do not worry, and try the steps to get it working normal.

·         Check in with your carrier

·         Restart your iOS devices in iOS 12

·         Toggle Cellular Data off and on

·         Reset Network settings

11. Cannot connect to the App Store in iOS 12

To fix “Cannot connect the App Store” issue on iPhone in iOS 12, you can try these potential methods:

·         Check Internet connection, or switch Cellular data to Wi-Fi

·         Update your account by resetting or resigning Apple ID and Passcode

·         Check and make sure the date and time on your iPhone are set correctly

·         Force refresh the App Store, or reset the network or iPhone

12. iOS 12 Bluetooth issue

iPhone Bluetooth issue shows up after iOS 12 update, and some users reported that they cannot find Bluetooth icon on their iPhone, or Bluetooth not working. The following solutions may help you resolve the issue.

·         Turn off Bluetooth > restart iPhone >turn on Bluetooth

·         Disconnect iPhone from all devices, and reconnect

·         Reset network settings

13. Alarm not working on iPhone in iOS 12

iPhone in iOS 12 may stuck in a state where any alarm isn’t triggered. Yes, you probably encountered alarm not working in iOS 12 issue.

·         Check the Sound

·         Reset all the alarm sets

·         Delete other third-party alarm apps

·         Restore iPhone to fix it

14. iOS 12 GPS issue fix

GPS not working properly on iPhone in iOS 12, or you may face “no GPS signal at all”, “slow location signal update”. Let’s see how to fix iOS 12 GPS related issue.

·         Check if the Location Service is on

·         Reset Location & Privacy: Settings > General > Reset > Location & Privacy

·         Reset network settings

·         Restore iPhone

15. iOS 12 personal hotspot not working

If the personal hotspot not working on your iPhone because of iOS 12 update, try fix it via the following solutions:

·         Turn off/on Personal Hotspot

·         Enable Airplane mode for a while, and disable it later to check it out

·         Reset Network settings to factory defaults

16. iOS 12 battery drain issue

Here are some useful solutions that can help avoid iPhone battery overloading and fix iOS 12 battery drain issue:

·         Turn off “Automatic Downloads & Updates”

·         Close background running apps when not used

·         Set iPhone to Low Power mode

·         Reset iPhone

For full tips: How to Fix It If iOS 12 Battery Drains too Fast.

17. iPhone keeps restarting in iOS 12

iPhone keeps restarting issue in iOS 12 is uncommon, but some users do encounter it. Here are the possible solutions:

·         Clean up iPhone, delete junk files, caches and etc.

·         Update apps to the latest

·         Turn off “Background App Refresh”

·         Factory reset iPhone

18. iOS 12 Siri Problem

Some users have complained that Siri not working any more after they installed iOS 12. No matter you encounter this iOS 12 Siri problem or not, check the following solutions.

·         Turn off and then turn on Siri

·         Check Internet connection (cellular data and Wi-Fi)

·         try another different language or use Siri with headset

·         Restart or Reset iPhone

19. 3D touch not responding iOS 12

iOS 12 update is one of the factors that could cause 3D touch not responding on iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus or other models.

·         Disable 3D touch, restart iPhone and then turn on 3D touch again

·         Adjust 3D touch sensitivity: go to Settings > General > Accessibility > 3D Touch

·         Hard reset iPhone

20. Can’t use AirPlay on iPhone iOS 12

If you find that you cannot stream content with AirPlay, mirror the screen on your iPhone or iPad or Mac to Apple TV after updating to iOS 12, learn these potential solutions.

·         Hard reset or force restart iPhone

·         Check Wi-Fi connection, or reset network settings

·         Turn off Bluetooth

·         Check AirPlay settings: Control Center > Music Controls > tap on AirPlay (3D touch press) > enable it

Bottom Line

If these solutions cannot fix the above iOS 12 problems, you have to wait for the next iOS update release of Apple, which may include bug fixes. To effectively avoid any possible issues, we always suggest you to backup iPhone and important content before installing iOS 12 update.

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