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Home > Tips > 3 Ways to Clear Facebook Cache on iPhone (Permanent Solution)

3 Ways to Clear Facebook Cache on iPhone (Permanent Solution)

If you find out that your iPhone runs slowly, especially when you open Facebook, then you should clear Facebook cache to restore your iPhone’s performance. Here are 3 effective methods about how to clear Facebook cache on iPhone plus a permanent solution.

Updated Mar 29,2019 | by Cody

If you use it constantly on your iPhone, you should clear Facebook cache on iPhone regularly because Facebook can take a large amount of storage space. If you do not do anything about it, it will cause your iPhone 7/8/X/Xs runs slower and slower and eventually out of storage.

Why Should You Care?

Facebook app, like other apps, saves some parts of individual files on your iPhone to make it load faster, which is called caching. The cached files grow in sizes as you keep using Facebook. You can go to Settings > General >Manage Storage to see how much exact storage space Facebook uses.

If Facebook is taking a considerable amount of storage, you really should clear Facebook cache on your iOS device. Not only can it speed up your iPhone, but also make your system run smoothly.

Effective Solution - Clear Facebook Cache by Using iPhone Cleaner Software 

As you can see, not only Facebook, but also other third-party apps consume more storage space than it should. To clear all these cached files, you can use IOTransfer to clear all cached files (including Facebook caches) on your iPhone.

IOTransfer can automatically scan your iPhone for all the junk files and cache data including logs info, cookies, history and attachments, temporary files, etc. Then it can help you clear Facebook cache on iPhone.

You can follow the steps below to free up more storage space without deleting an app.

Step 1: Free download IOTransfer and install it on your Windows 10/8/7 computer.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to this computer via a USB cable. If you use this program for the first time, you need to confirm connection to this PC on your iPhone. Launch IOTranfer, and you will be lead to the homepage below.

2. home screen.png

Step 3: Go to the “CLEAN” tab. Click on the “Scan My iPhone” button to scan your iPhone for cached files. 

Step 4: When the scan is complete, the program will give you the approximate space that can be released. Then click the “Clean My iPhone” button to free up more space on your iPhone.

7. clean.png

This may be the most effective and convenient way to clear caches on your iPhone or iPad. Besides that, IOTransfer can also help you transfer data between iPhone and PC, and downloads videos to iPhone.


If you do not have a PC around, and the Facebook cached files are causing you lots of issues, then you can try the next method to clear facebook cache right on your iPhone.

Simple Solution - Clear Cache within Facebook App

You can use Facebook app to clear stored web page content to free up space on your iPhone. Here is how:

Step 1: Within your iPhone Facebook app, go to Settings > Account Settings.

Step 2: Scroll down to select "Browser ".

Step 3: Under Browser Settings, click "Clear Data" to clear Facebook caches on your iPhone.

Clear Facebook Cache on iPhone

Facebook will accumulate more web content on your iPhone until your iPhone is full. Therefore, it is recommended to clean app cache on a regular basis to keep your iPhone running smoothly.

Other Solution - How to Clear Facebook Cache in iOS

If deleting cache from Facebook does not make much difference, then you can delete Facebook app and reinstall it if needed. You can remove Facebook app along with caches with these instructions:

1.       Select on Settings > General > Storage> Manage Storage.

2.       Scroll down and tap on Facebook.

3.       Tap on Delete App.

If you really need to get timely notification and engage with Facebook friends, then you can reinstall Facebook. Otherwise, try the next workaround to use Facebook without getting caches. 

Bonus Tip - How to Easily Use Facebook on iPhone without the Actual App

If you do not want to manually clear Facebook cache every once in a while, then you can use the web version of Facebook instead of the Facebook app. In order to access your Facebook easily, you can add a bookmark to your Home Screen.

In many ways, it works like Facebook app. The only difference is that you will not be able to receive any notifications. Sounds good? Follow the steps below:

1.       Open Safari on your iPhone.

2.       Go to and sign in with your account.

3.       Tap on the Share button

Safari Share

4.       Scroll to the right and select Add to Home Screen.

Then on your home screen, you will find the Facebook logo the as same as the Facebook app logo. You can easily tap it to access Facebook without generating cached data.

Add to Home Screen

For those who need to use Facebook app very often, Facebook cached data can make a lot of issues on your iPhone 7/8/X/Xs Max. To speed up your iPhone and maintain better performance, clearing Facebook cache on your iPhone is quite necessary. 

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