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Home > Tips > 5 Free Ways to Download Twitch Video and Clips to PC/iPhone/iPad [Video]

5 Free Ways to Download Twitch Video and Clips to PC/iPhone/iPad [Video]

Learn to download Twitch Video and save it on your PC, iPhone or iPad, so you can watch Twitch videos beyond the limited period of time or even no internet connection available.

Updated Mar 27,2019 | by Cody

Twitch is a popular online service for watching and streaming video games broadcasts. If you sign up for the Twitch Premium membership Twitch Prime, you can download Twitch videos for offline view. How to download videos from Twitch to PC/iPhone with a free subscription? Read on to find out.

What’s Twitch VOD?

VOD is the abbreviation of video on demand. Twitch VOD is a popular feature that automatically saves broadcasts for a period of time, so fans can view the past broadcasts when they miss the live stream.

The VODs are only available for 15 days for regular users and 60 days for Partners, Turbo and Prime users. If you want to have access to your favorite broadcast forever, you can download the VODs and save it to your computer hard drive or mobile phone.

Free Download Twitch Videos to Computer with Twitch Leecher

There is a free open source program Twitch Leecher that is dedicated to downloading on-demand videos. You can download it from GitHub.

Let’s see how it works.

Step 1. Install Twitch Leecher on your Windows computer.

Step 2. By default, this program does not create a shortcut on your desktop, so you need to click Start and select Twitch Leecher.


Step 3. Click on the Search button in the top menu.

Step 4. From the Search screen, you can find the Twitch video that you want to download through Channel name, video URL, or Twitch video ID. For example, you want to download a separate twitch video. Just Click on the URLs and paste the Twitch video URL in the box.


Step 5. Click Search to locate the video. You can paste multiple URLs in the black space to download multiple Twitch videos.


Step 6. Click the Download button and select a location on your computer to start downloading Twitch video.

If you want to download VODs only for subscribers, you can click the twitch-logo-like button to connect with your Twitch account.

Download Videos from Twitch to iPhone/iPad or PC

If you want to watch Twitch videos on your iPhone or iPad even if the VOD expires, you can use IOTransfer video downloader to save Twitch videos to iPhone/iPad. With only a few clicks, it can download Twitch videos to your PC and directly transfer to your iOS devices in the meantime, so you can watch Twitch broadcasts on the TV app.

You can refer to the steps below to save downloaded videos to your iPhone.

Step 1. Free download and install this program. It supports Windows 10/8/7. Copy the URL of the Twitch video that you want to download.

Step 2. Launch this program and connect your iPhone to this PC through a lightning cable.


Step 3. When the program detects your device, click the Videos tab from the top menu, and paste the URL you just copied in the box.


Step 4. Check the option Automatically transfer the downloaded videos into your iOS device if needed. Then click Download to start downloading Twitch videos to iPhone/iPad.


In addition, IOTransfer can also help you clean junk files to free up storage space on iPhone, one-click backup iPhone, and download videos to iPhone.

Download Twitch Video from CMD

There is another free method to download Twitch video from command prompt by using an open source tool YouTube-DL. Whether you use Windows or Mac, you can install this free tool and use it to download twitch videos on your computer. Let me show how it works on Windows PC.

Step 1. Download the YouTube-DL.exe file on your PC and move it to the User folder (C:UsersYourName).

Step 2. Press Windows + R key and type “CMD” (without quotes) to open command prompt.

Download Twitch Video from Command Line

Step 3. Type “youtube-dl.exe” (without quotes) and press Enter. You need to replace the URL with the URL of the Twitch video that you want to download.

As you can see from the screenshot, it starts to download the video and you can see the progress and estimated time. 

How to Download Twitch Clips without Any Software

If you only want to download a few twitch clips, you can do that only with a web browser. you can refer to the steps below to use Chrome to download Twitch clips easily.

Step 1. Find a twitch video clip that you want to download. Right click on it and select open link in new tab.


Step 2. Press F12 to open Developer Tools. In the Developer Tools, click on the Network tab and select Media as the screenshot below.


Step 3. Press F5 to reload this page. Then you will see the Twitch video clip MP4 file URL is listed. download-twitch-clips.png

Step 4. Double click on the MP4 file URL to start downloading Twitch Clip.

If it does not start the download, just copy the link and open it in a new tab. From there, you can right click and select Save Video as to download video clips from Twitch. 

Download Twitch Video Clips on iPhone

If you want to download Twitch video clips on your iPhone without PC, you can use Siri Shortcuts. Just download the Shortcuts app, which is owned by Apple, and get this Save Twitch Clips shortcut.

Once that's done, you can copy the Twitch Video clip link and run this shortcut to download the Twitch clip. You can also tap the Share button from Twitch to run this shortcut from Share Sheet. When the downloading is complete, you can save the Twitch video clip on your iPhone Camera Roll or iCloud. 

That’s how you can easily download Twitch videos to PC or iPhone. Which method are you going to try first? If you have any problems regarding downloading videos from, leave a comment down below. 

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