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Home > Tips > Best iOS 12 AR Games in 2018 You Should Try

Best iOS 12 AR Games in 2018 You Should Try

iOS 12 brings us an amazing Augmented Reality experience and the AR game is one of the best examples. Today, I will introduce some good iPhone/iPad games you can play on iOS 12.

Updated Sep 30,2018 | by Micky

Thanks to USDZ, Apple developers are able to create great AR experiences for their users. Besides the funny News App featuring AR contents and AR measurement tools, some iPhone games are also highlighted. For example, Apple made it possible for several players to observe the same gameplay from a differentperspective and the 3D effect is much more real that you can build houses, pillboxes, and castles right on your table or bed!

Now, let’s take a look at which iOS 12 AR games you should try!


No.1 Father io AR FPS

Father io AR FPS is a revolutionary game for iPhone first person shooting.

In the past, players can only tap to shoot targets on the screen and walk forward and backward by moving their thumbs up and down.

But this time, things happen in a brand new shape.

Call several best friends to team up and join a battle in the street or campus. Your digital device becomes your gun and the enemy players along with their health bars will appear on the screen. Run, hide, fight, and find any walls, cars and tables as your cover, preventing yourself from being spotted and fight back by aiming your pad/iPhone at the enemies approaching.

What a fantastic real-war experience!

Play digital games outside your home and never worry about complaints from your mom and in return, this very exercise really does some good to your health!


No.2 Zombie Gunship Revenant  AR

If you ever played Call of Duty Modern Warfare on PC, you must be familiar with the scene.

In this game, you will drive the world’s most destructive attack plane – AC130 to defend your base from waves of zombies, using powerful miniguns and rockets to blow the enemies into pieces.

The night vision effect and the dramatic soundtrack make the battle much more intense and enemies of large numbers make it’s hard enough for players to survive more than several minutes.

Your base will be set on a real surface in the room and you will need a well-lit table or floor space.


No.3 Euclidean Lands

Euclidean Lands is a gorgeous game where there will be a six-sided world drifting above the floor and what you need to do is to shift and rotate the geometries to flank and eliminate your enemies.

To make your brain practiced and become smarter, this game should be a good choice.

Tips: To make sure your game run on a stable frame rate, make sure to keep your iPhone/iPad clean regularly.


No.4 The Machines AR

It’s an RPG game like league of Legends – to choose your favorite war machine and join a match on a flat map.

But this time, everything goes on a table and everyone else who are in the game shares the same table and see exactly what you see.

Imagine how competitive it will be! You can even invite some viewers only if your pad screen is big enough.


No.5 Brave Explorer

You can regard this game as 3D Super Mario, but now, you can create customized landscape and preset the difficulty level with your own hands.

This is a promising project as far as I’m concerned. However, up to now, I don’t think the game development is fully completed yet because the map size is still too small and the game modes are also limited.

Tips: Tools will be provided by the App once you finish the purchase.


Bottom Line

The 5 above are the most typical AR games for iOS 12.

Look, what a difference Apple has made this time and I think it won’t be boring anymore when on a long ride!

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