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Home > Tips > How to Make Group Facetime Call on iOS 12

How to Make Group Facetime Call on iOS 12

Apple finally added group Facetime call feature on iOS 12, making group Facetime call is possible now! Cannot wait to try this feature with your friends and families? We will show you how to make group Facetime call in this article!

Updated Aug 15,2018 | by Admin

Facetime has made instant video and audio communications efficient and handy, however, to make group Facetime call was not possible before iOS 12. Recently Apple has added a dramatic feature to Facetime, the group Facetime call, to react its challengers such as Skype, Whatsapp and Facebook Massager. This update allows up to 32 participants in one group Facetime call which will definitely improve users` experience and make a lot of fun. So, let`s have a look on how to make group Facetime call on iOS 12 from iPhone.

Noticeably, the group Facetime call feature is only available on iPhone 6s, iPhone SE and later models. Please also be cautious in deciding to install beta versions of iOS system as these versions are not built for daily use and completed with lots of bugs.

Part 1: Make Group Facetime Call on iOS 12 from Facetime App

One way to make group Facetime call on iOS 12 is to directly launch the Facetime app. Steps and screenshot are shown as below.

Step 1: Tap “+” on upper right part of the screen.

Step 2: Tap “To” on upper left part of the screen to add contact person to join the group call till you are ready to start a group facetime call.

Step 3: Tap either “Audio” or “Video” to start the group facetime call.


Part 2: Make Group Facetime Call on iOS 12 from Messages App

The Messages app is another gateway to make a group Facetime call on iOS 12. Steps are shown as below:

Step 1: Create a group conversation or tap an existing one. To create a group conversation, you simply tap the “+” on upper right part of the screen to add people from the contact list, similar as the way of adding people to join group call from Facetime app.

Step 2: Tap on the contact names on the top center of the screen

Step 3: “Audio” and “Facetime” buttons will appear after previous operation, then tap one of them to start the group call. 


Part 3: Make Group Facetime Call on iOS 12 – Add Participants or Leave from a Group Facetime Call

Facetime also enables adding new participants to a group Facetime call in iOS 12. Additionally, for iPhone X users, to create, save and send Animoji is simply by tapping the shape button on the lower left part of the screen in a group Facetime call. So let`s practice how to add participants or leave from a group Facetime call.

Step 1:Tap the button of “···”

Step 2: Tap “Add Person” to request new participants. Then tap the name in the list to send a notification to them to join the group Facetime call

Step 3: It`s also quite handy to leave from a group facetime call. Just tap the “X” button on the screen to quit.


Part 4: Make Group Facetime Call – Join an Active Group Facetime Call

As shown below, if you are requested to join an active group Facetime call from a group conversation in Message app, a green popup will appear in the interface to remind you a group Facetime call is going on, the number of people in the group Facetime call also displays on the popup. Just by tapping “Join”, without any reconfirm procedure, you are in the group Facetime call, so don`t mistakenly tap the button if you are not ready to join. After you have joined, the popup will display the time duration of the group Facetime call.


The very recent news reported that Apple had removed group facetime call feature in beta 7 of iOS12, but there is no official statement about this feature to be deleted in the final release, we could still expect to make group Facetime call in iOS 12 very soon.

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