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Home > Tips > iOS 12 Notification Preview – The Most Useful Notification Features Roll out

iOS 12 Notification Preview – The Most Useful Notification Features Roll out

The final version of iOS 12 will be released in September this year. This time, we’re going to have a preview on the distinctive notification system in iOS 12 to find out how powerful it is.

Updated Aug 30,2018 | by Micky

It’s widely known that the release of iOS 12 will be in September 2018 which is around the corner. This time, iOS 12 claims to bring many amazing distinctive features. Besides the much faster responsive speed, creative Memoji, Group Chat in FaceTime, and VR interaction, what really makes me concerned is the brand new feature which makes its users to manage and monitor notifications in a much easier way. In the following paragraphs, we will have a preview on what changes Apple will make in iOS 12 notifications.

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The Intelligent Siri's Suggestive Feature - Do Not Disturb

Siri has always been proactive on iOS, but this time, it brings an even bigger surprise – choosing whether or not to activate “Do Not Disturb” based on numbers of sources, for example, your arrangement in the iPhone calendar.

Here is an instance. If you have a class at 9 am this morning and you noted it on the calendar. Then, when it’s the time Siri will inform you to activate “Do Not Disturb” to keep the phone quite in the course of the class.

More intelligently, Siri can also make a decision about “Do Not Disturb” by tracking where you are.

If you have an appointment tonight with your girlfriend/boyfriend to watch a movie which you’ve already booked online in some theatre. The notification “Do Not Disturb” pops up when the movie starts. Since Siri can’t estimate the length of the preview before the movie which isn’t shown in the online purchase’s data, it deactivates “Do Not Disturb” once you leave the theatre.

With the brand new Siri notification feature in iOS 12, it seems that you’re going to have a robot servant. 

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Group Notifications – Make the Lock Screen Cleaner

You don’t want to see a mess on the lock screen full of large numbers of meaningless notifications. In iOS 12, Apple brings back the feature of group notifications. On the lock screen, notifications will be sorted by App. If you want to extend notifications from a certain App on the screen, just tap on its notification tag and all the notifications will be listed up. To remove them all, tap on “X” on the upper right or swipe each of them to the left. Check the picture below to have a better understanding.


Critical Alerts for Must-see Notifications

Critical alerts is a brand new opt-in feature in iOS 12 which allows medical and healthcare related notifications to pop up even when “Do Not Disturb” is activated. Users can keep receiving reports from their healthcare providers to monitor their health data which is especially for those who suffer from diabetic because they have to keep track of their daily blood sugar.

I’m really so moved to find such a user-friendly feature in iOS 12!

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Instant Tuning – Manage Notification Settings Right on the Screen

iOS 12 provides us with a more convenient way to manage notifications right on the screen which is called Instant Tuning. With this feature, users can decide to make notifications appear in Notification Center rather than on the screen or completely disable all notifications once for all. Now, let’s check how it works.

Step 1

When a notification pop up on the lock screen, swipe left on it. Tap on the “Manage” tag and then, there will be 2 blue buttons appearing – “Deliver Quietly” and “Turn off…”.

Step 2

Tap on “Deliver Quietly” and all the notifications from a corresponding App will be transferred to Notification Center and meanwhile, sound and vibration alerts will also be shut down.


1.       Access Notification centre by swiping down from the top of the screen.

2.       If you want to quit the “Deliver Quietly” feature, repeat step 1 and tap on the blue button “Deliver Prominently”.

Step 3

Tap on “Turn off” to completely keep all notifications from popping up. But before that, you will be prompted to confirm it.


Bottom Line

In a nutshell, this time, iOS 12 literally brings us great convenience in notification management. It’s glad to see in every update, Apple gives us innovative features along with better user experience.

Hopefully, you can provide us with useful tips more than the notification related when using iOS 12 and we’re always looking forward!

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