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Home > Tips > How to Make More Space on iPhone - Free up iPhone Storage

How to Make More Space on iPhone - Free up iPhone Storage

Is iPhone storage almost full? Want to make more space on your iPhone? Read on to get 6 ways on how to free up iPhone storage easily and quickly.

Updated Apr 17,2018 | by Admin

How to make more space on iPhone? Running out of space on your iPhone can be really annoying. In addition to receiving the famous “iPhone storage is almost full” every day, you can’t even install a new app or take photos or videos on Snapchat. What is eating up your iPhone storage? Read on to get the answers and then start to free up your iPhone storage with ease.

Part 1: Three Methods to Make More Space on iPhone

Unlike Android phones, Apple doesn’t allow users to add extra storage by using micro SD. So, when your iPhone only has few spaces, you have to focus back on clearing up old data and making more room for new data. Following part will tell you the basic methods to make more space on iPhone.

Method 1: Check the Status of Usage

Firstly, check out what is eating up the most storage on your iPhone. To do this, open Settings app, tap General, and then select "iPhone Storage". You can see a list of recommendations for optimizing your iPhone’s storage, followed by a list of installed apps and the space each takes up. Here you can uninstall and install the apps that have eaten up most of your storage. In this way, you can fully clean the apps cache and free up more memory on iPhone.


Method 2: Set Message Expiration to 30 Days

Many iPhone users don't know that Message App keeps all messages on iPhone permanently. If you usually send and receive plenty of messages with your friends, I strongly advise you change the message expiration from Forever to 30 Days.

Go to Settings > Messages > Keep Messages > 30 Days. After the change, it will remind you that the older messages will be permanently deleted. Tap “Delete” so that you can free up space on iPhone.


Method 3: Clear Safari Cache

Safari is another storage eater on iPhone. It automatically stores unneeded history data, cookies and crash logs when you are using it. To clear Safari cache, tap Settings > Clear History and Website Data.   


Apart from Safari cache, media caches and crash logs also take up much space on iPhone. Next, I’m going to introduce how to free up iPhone storage on iPhone by one-click clearing up junk files with an iPhone cleaner. You can also bulk-delete photos, videos to make more room on your iPhone.

Part 2: Three Steps to Free up iPhone Storage - Using iPhone Cleaner

Among lost of iPhone managers or iPhone cleaners, IOTransfer is the number one choice I recommend to you. It allows you not only to clear up all junk files with one click but also to bulk-delete photos, music, videos and unwanted apps to free up more storage on your iPhone. Let’s see how it works.

Before making more space on iPhone, you need to free download IOTransfer to your PC and install it. After the installation, launch the program and connect your iPhone to the computer via a supportable USB. Tap “Trust” if it pops up a confirmation window “Trust This Computer”. Then follow the tips below.

Step 1: Clean up crash logs, media cache, junk files, etc. 

Go to CLEAN tab, you will see the amount and size of the files recommended to clean. Here you click on “Clean My iPhone” button and the junk files and app cache will be directly cleaned.


Step 2: Delete Less-often Used Apps to get more storage on iPhone

In MANAGE tab, click on Apps in the left pane. In this interface, you will see a list of the installed apps on your iPhone.  Select desired apps especially those taking much space on your iPhone and click “Delete”. Shortly, those apps and app caches are removed from your iPhone permanently and you now get more storage.


Step 3: Delete photos, music, and videos from iPhone with a backup to PC

When it comes to the media files on your iPhone, you might never want to permanently delete them. To solve this problem, we can use IOTransfer to transfer iPhone photos, videos, music to PC for backup. Then we can delete them without any worry and free up more space on iPhone. Now, follow the instructions and see how to do it.

Backup Files to PC

In HOME section, click on “Transfer to PC” button, and the photos, music, videos, and contacts will be backed up to a default folder created by IOTransfer. Or you can choose a location by clicking “Set transfer path” which is under “Transfer to PC”. 


Bulk-delete photos, music, and videos

After having saved all the data to PC, you are good to delete media files on your iPhone. In each relevant tab in the left menu, like Photo, Music or Videos, you can select some or select all files that you want to remove from your iPhone by clicking “Delete” as you did on deleting apps in the previous part.


Ending Words

After reading through the article, I’m sure you already get your answer on how to make more space on iPhone. First, you should check your usage. Then change message expiration to 30 days so that you can delete older messages and free up more space. Cleaning Safari cache is another method. Don’t forget to try IOTransfer – iPhone cleaner with which you can clear up all the junk files with one click, and bulk-delete apps, photos, videos, and music. It is indeed a good helper for you to make more space on iPhone.   

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