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Home > Tips > [2018] How to Update to iOS 12 on iPhone and iPad

[2018] How to Update to iOS 12 on iPhone and iPad

The final release of iOS 12 is around the corner. Many users who use iPhone/iPad for the first time may have no ideas how to update to iOS 12. In the following tutorial, the steps will be shown.

Updated Sep 13,2018 | by Micky

The release date of iOS 12 has been preset on 17th Sep 2018.

iOS 12 is going to bring us some brand new features like Memoji, Group Chat, Siri Shortcuts, improved performance, and responsive speed.

How to update to iOS 12 on your iPhone and iPad? I believe many new iOS users will have such a question when it’s time. So, in the following tutorial, I’m going to explain the detailed steps to update the iOS software on your device.

But before it, let’s do some preparation first.


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Preparation - Back up Your iPhone/iPad

Hopefully, your device can run better after updating to the latest iOS, but we never know what may happen.

In the past, there were users complaining about data loss and worse responsiveness after updating their iDevices and want to run back to the former version.

In this case, it seems to be really necessary to back up the device beforehand.

To make the process easier, IOTransfer – the most versatile iPhone transfer software should be your best choice.

Within only several steps, you can transfer/back up the iOS data including videos, music, contacts, photos, and Apps to PC with a USB cable or wirelessly. Meanwhile, features like YouTube video download, Instagram photo/video download, and device clean are also available in IOTransfer.

Back up your iDevice before updating to iOS 12 with the world’s ultimate iPhone manager!

Back up iPhone/iPad within 3 Steps

Step 1

Install and launch IOTransfer on your PC. Connect your device to it via a USB cable and wait until it’s detected. Then, tap on “Trust” on the device’s screen when the notification “Trust This Computer” pops up.

Step 2

On the main interface, you can click on “Transfer to PC” to back up photos, music, videos and contacts once for all. But remember to preset the “Transfer Location” ahead of time.


Step 3

If you want to back up other data like Apps and Podcasts, click on “MANAGE” in the toolbar at the top. In the pop-up window, click on the tablets on the left side and tick off the items you want to save as backup. Then, click on “Export” to transfer the selected ones to PC.

Method 1 Update iPhone/iPad to iOS 12 Wirelessly on Device

Suggestion: Free up some storage space before the update to iOS 12.

If a message on your device informs you that there is a new update, tap on “Install Now” or follow the steps below.

1.       Open your device and connect it to a stable Wi-Fi

2.       Tap on Settings > General > Software Update.


3.       Tap on “Download and Install”.

4.       If you want to update right now, tap on “Install” or you can choose to update the device at a certain time, for example, when sleeping.

5.       Follow the onscreen guide and enter the passcode of your Apple ID.

Method 2 Update Device to iOS 12 via iTunes

If you’re not prompted to update iOS on your own devices or the process fails for some other reasons, you can still use iTunes to finish the iOS 12 update.

1.       Download and install the latest version of iTunes on your computer.

2.       Connect the computer to the local internet instead of Hotspot of your device.

3.       Launch iTunes and click on your device.

4.       Under “Settings”, click on “Summary” and then, click on “Check for Update”.

5.       When the analysis is done, click on “Download and Update” to begin.


Bottom Line

How to update iPhone to iOS 12? Hopefully, the methods provided above can do some favor when you need it on 13th Sep. 

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