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How to Send GIFs in a Direct Message on Instagram
Here are the detailed steps of how to send GIFs in direct messages on Instagram. GIFs now are supported to share and send in Instagram’s Direct Messages, let’s see how to send GIFs in a direct message on Instagram to make the conversation funnier and more active.
[The Simplest Way] How to Directly Save GIF to iPhone Camera Roll
The simplest and effortless way to save animated GIF to your iPhone Camera Roll directly. In this article, you will know how to save GIF to iPhone effortlessly as well as learn how to create your own GIF with IOTransfer GIF Maker.
YouTube GIF Maker – Convert YouTube Video to Animated GIF
For anyone who wants to convert YouTube videos to GIFs, feel free to try IOTransfer YouTube GIF Maker. In this article, we will introduce you the YouTube GIF Maker in detail, and show you how to make YouTube videos to GIFs with it.
The Easiest Way to Download Instagram Photos, Videos to GIFs
In this guide, we’ll introduce you the easiest way to download Instagram photos and videos to GIFs. All you need is a useful tool that lets you download Instagram photos & videos and make the them to GIFs. Luckily, IOTransfer is the one can help. Let’s see how it works.
How to Make GIF with Photos - Three Methods
How to make GIF with photos by yourself? In this tutorial, we will introduce three ways on how to make GIF with photos. They are the best and easiest ways to make animated GIF.
How to Download GIFs on iPhone
If you are looking for how to download GIFs on iPhone, you've come to the right place. This article provides you with detailed guide on how to download GIFs to iPhone/iPad.
How to Convert MP4 to GIF in 2 Methods
If you don’t know how to convert MP4 to GIF, check this guide right now. In this tutorial, you will learn 2 ways to convert MP4 to GIF quickly.
How to Send and Save GIFs in iMessage iOS 12
GIFs can always make messages and conversations funnier and more interactive. Do you know how to send GIFs via Messages app? We are going to show you how to send and save GIFs in iMessage conversation in iOS 12.
AVI to GIF Converter: How to Convert AVI to GIF
Are you looking for the way to convert AVI to GIF? Here we recommend you a perfect AVI to GIF maker on PC and a free online converter. Read on to learn how to convert AVI to GIF easily.
GIF Maker without Watermark - How to Make a GIF without Watermark
How to make a GIF without a watermark? It is easy to find a GIF maker to create a GIF, but there may be an imposed watermark. In this article, we will show you reliable GIF maker without watermark and how to create GIFs with videos and photos via GIF maker software and free online GIF maker without watermark.
How to Convert Photos to GIFs – Make GIFs Online
Instead of searching or collecting GIFs on the Internet, now, you can make your as many as interesting GIFs directly with IOTransfer free online GIF maker.
Top 5 Free Animated GIF Makers Online - Create GIFs Online
Instead of using Photoshop or other professional tools, you can take advantages of GIF maker to create GIFs. In the following article, we pick up and list top 5 free animated GIF makers online, and you can make full use of them to easily create GIFs from photos & videos.
How to Convert MOV Video to GIF on iPhone or PC
Learn 2 free ways to convert MOV video to GIF on PC or iPhone. You can pick part or the video or the entire video to convert to GIF without watermark.
How to Convert YouTube Video to GIF on iPhone or PC for Free
Learn to convert YouTube video to GIF without a watermark on iPhone or PC from a URL. All you need is a free tool and the GIF can be as long as you want.
[Best Tips] How to Turn Live Photos into GIFs on iPhone/iPad
In iOS 11, Apple introduced another addition to create GIFs from Live Photos. So, this time, we’re learning how to turn live photos into GIFs on iPhone and I will bring 2 ways to get it done in iOS 11, iOS 10 and the previous versions.
How to Convert Twitter Videos to GIF [2 Practical Ways]
How to convert Twitter videos to GIF? Many users share funny videos on Twitter, maybe you want to cut the interesting moment in the video and convert it to GIF. This article will give you simple solutions to convert Twitter videos to GIF. Click and find out!
How to Download GIF from Instagram
How to download GIF from Instagram? This article will give you solutions to download GIF from Instagram. Click to find out!
3 Ways to Download GIF from Twitter on iPhone or PC
Many users share funny GIFs on Twitter. Learn to download GIFs from Twitter on iPhone or PC. You can choose to save as GIF or video.
[Tips] How to Create and Save GIF on iPhone/iPad
You don’t want to miss what we’ll be talking about in the following tutorial. Learn how to create GIF on iPhone or directly save GIF when on the internet.
How to Convert Instagram Video to GIF on iPhone for Free
Learn 2 ways to convert Instagram video to GIF on iPhone or PC. You can convert the full Instagram video or pick a part of it to save it as GIF.

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