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Home > Tips > [Tips] How to Create and Save GIF on iPhone/iPad

[Tips] How to Create and Save GIF on iPhone/iPad

You don’t want to miss what we’ll be talking about in the following tutorial. Learn how to create GIF on iPhone or directly save GIF when on the internet.

Updated Aug 14,2018 | by Micky

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is a kind of animated picture. People usually apply it to online conversation so that they can talk in a more expressive way or just take it as an entertaining method. For iPhone users, they can send GIF in text messages, WhatsSup, or WeChat to make it funnier when interacting with their friends or family members. Are there any sources of iPhone GIF? in this article, you will be learning how to create GIF on iPhone and iPad and also how to save GIF online. You’re going to download the best iPhone GIF maker to get it down with much ease!


How to Create GIF on iPhone with A GIF Maker

If you are searching for an easy GIF maker for iOS, then, you might as well consider ImgPlay which allows you to create GIF from both photos and videos, making every moment of your photos and videos completely alive. Follow the steps below to quickly get the most out of this powerful GIF software.

1.       Go to App Store, search for ImgPlay, download and install it.

2.       Open ImgPlay, tap on “GIF” at the top, and in the dropdown list, tap on “Video”.


3.       Select the video you want and trim it by presetting the start and ending points. Tap on “Next” to continue.

4.       Tap on “Save”, follow the onscreen guide, and in a short while, you can find the GIF you created in the iPhone photo App.


How to Save GIF on iPhone Online

This is not quite difficult since only 1 step is required. But in case there are some people who use iPhone for the first time, let’s me give a brief introduction.

Navigate to the GIF file you want to save/download on the internet, long press on it until you see the dialog box pop up. Tap on “Save Image” and then, you can find the downloaded GIF in Camera Roll.


How to create GIF on iPhone? ImgPlay is the best App I have ever found in creating GIF. Free download in App Store and give it a shot.

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