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iOS 13.2.2 Battery Drain - The Update Results in Serious iOS 13.2.2 Battery Issues
Are you experiencing the iOS 13.2.2 battery drain issues? The iOS 13.2.2 software update addresses the RAM management and multitasking issues, but it appears to cause serious iOS 13.2.2 battery life damage on iPhone.
Everything You Need to Know About iOS 13 Shortcuts Automation
Shortcuts app is powerful. With Automations, it is even better. Here is all you need to know to make your iOS 13 shortcuts automation even more powerful.
Top 7 iOS 13 Update Failed Errors and Quick Fixes in 2019
What should you do if you are facing iOS 13 update failed errors on iPhone or iPad? Check the guide to learn the top 7 iOS 13 update failed errors and quick fixes.
iOS 13 Expanded Control Center - Using Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Smartly
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, as two most frequently used applications, which will change a lot during iOS update. Ahead of the official release, get to learn how to use these two apps from control center more conveniently.
All You Need to Know about Download Manager for Safari iOS 13
With iOS 13 Download Manager for Safari, you can easily download files on iPhone. Check this guide to know everything about Safari download manager.
iOS 13: How to Download & Install iOS 13 Public Beta on iPhone iPad
If you’re into iOS 13 and want to give it a try ahead of its final launch with your iOS device, then, check out this post to see how to download and install iOS 13 public beta on your iPhone iPad.
All the Apparent and Hidden Features Coming to iOS 13
Surely you know that iOS 13 is coming in this fall and every iOS update comes out with a lot of new features. But you may don't know exactly what these features are and how they will change your life. Follow this post to see what’s new in iOS 13 and how it takes your iPhone to a new whole level.
Convert FLAC to ALAC and Transfer to iPhone Music Library
If you want to play FLAC or other lossless files in iTunes or iOS device, you can convert FLAC to ALAC with free software. Read how you can do this.
The Most Effective Tips to Fix Weather App Not Working on iPhone
What to do when the weather App only represents you with 2 dashes? This time, we’ll find some effective ways to fix the problem of the weather App not working on iPhone.
Remember to Protect Yourself from FaceTime Eavesdropping Bug
A serious FaceTime eavesdropping bug has been discovered on iOS 12.1. To protect yourself from FaceTime eavesdropping bug, carefully check the detailed guide now.
How to Recover Deleted Instagram Photos on iPhone with Top 3 Methods
Are you looking for a method to recover deleted Instagram photos on iPhone? Read on this guide to learn the 3 reliable and efficient methods to recover deleted Instagram photos now.
How to Set up iPad for Kids - 3 Must-Have Settings
It is essential to set up iPad for kids before you give to them. Follow this guide to ensure that your child's iPad is a safe environment for learning and creating.
[Solved] 8 Tips to Fix iPhone X Screenshot not Working on iOS 12
If you’re faced with the iPhone X screenshot not working issue, what should you do? No worries. Here is our effective and simple guide to fix iPhone X screenshot not working on iOS 12.
5 Ways to Fix iPhone X Face ID not Working on iOS 12
What should you do if iPhone X Face ID won't work on iOS 12? Check the article now. It shows the top 7 solutions to fix iPhone X Face ID not working on iOS 12.
Top 7 Tips to Fix App Store Not Working on iOS 12
If you don’t know how to fix App Store not working on iOS 12, check the detailed guide now. It lists 7 useful solutions to help you fix App Store not working on iOS 12.
3 Ways to Turn off iOS 12 Update Notification
Not ready for iOS 12 or further updates? You can easily turn off iOS 12 update notification popups from Settings and revert back in no time.
5 Methods to Fix Instagram Notifications Not Working on iOS 12 [Solved]
Are you looking for ways to easily fix Instagram Notifications not working on iOS 12? This tutorial lists 5 quick methods to help you fix Instagram Notifications not working on iOS 12.
[Practical Tips] How to Fix the CarPlay Not Working
Do you ever meet the problem of CarPlay not working when you trying to play your iPhone contents in your own car? In this article, some practical solutions will be provided to fix this issue.
[Solved] How to Fix It If Apps Won’t Be Downloaded iOS 12
What to do when Apps won’t be downloaded in ios 12? In the following article, some trustworthy ways will be provided to troubleshoot this issue.
How to Fix iOS 12 Copy and Paste Issue on iPhone
If you are facing copy and paste issue on your iPhone or iPad after iOS 12 update, don’t miss this article, in which we’ll help you figure out how to fix iOS 12 copy and paste issue on iPhone.

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