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How to Download GIF from Instagram

How to download GIF from Instagram? This article will give you solutions to download GIF from Instagram. Click to find out!

Updated Jan 15,2020 | by Bennie

Instagram is one of the most popular videos and photo-sharing social network services. With so many amazing or funny GIF among Instagram, you might want to download GIF from Instagram. In this article, there is an effective way to download videos from Instagram as GIF.

To be honest, since Instagram didn’t support GIF from the early days, we can’t download GIF from Instagram directly. However, there are still 2 methods to solve that problem. You can download the video, then convert it to GIF, or download the converted GIF online. Have an in-depth look and see the following steps.

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Method 1: Download Instagram Videos and Convert Video to GIF

Part 1: How to Download Instagram Videos

If somebody was looking for an efficient tool, which can save a lot of time and energy, IOTransfer will be the answer. IOTransfer, as a professional and user-friendly video downloader, it can help you with free online download videos in an efficient way.

In this part, there is a free and simple way to download Instagram videos, read and learn the following steps.

Step 1: Free Download and install IOTransfer on your Windows 10/8/8.1/7 computer.

Step2: Copy the link of the video.


Step 3: Open IOTransfer and go to the “Downloader” under the “VIDEOS” page



Step 4: Paste the link into the URL bar then check the box “Automatically transfer the downloaded video into your iOS device” under the list to save the downloaded video to the iOS device, which could be used in convert video to GIF on iPhone.

Now the video will be shown in the Downloading list, click “Downloading” and check your process. Within a few minutes, you can check it by click “Finished”. However, downloading videos is just one of the many excellent features of IOTransfer. This software also offers convert videos, manage iOS devices and so on.

Since the video has been downloaded, you need to convert the Instagram video to GIF.

Part 2: Convert Video to GIF with GIPHY CAM on iPhone

Step 1: Install GIPHY CAM on your iPhone and open it

Step 2: Tapping the “Camera roll icon” and upload the video.

Step 3: Click the white arrow icon and you can add or edit in any filters or effects.


Step 4: Tap “NEXT” the save the GIF.

Method 2: Download Instagram Videos as GIF Online

If you think the mentioned method is still too complicated, there is another efficient way to download Instagram videos as GIF online. Let me guide you through the simple steps.

Step 1: Visit from a browser e.g. Chrome, IE.

Step 2: Copy the Instagram video link as I have mentioned above, then paste it in the QR bar.


Step 3: Click “Upload video!”

Step4: Choose the start and end time you want to show in the GIF.


Step 5: In this page, you can edit the GIF. After that, click “save” and the GIF will be downloaded to your PC. 


Now you have successfully downloaded the Instagram video as GIF. Is it simple and efficient? Besides, if you need to save the GIF to your iPhone, there is a simple and convenient way to do so.

How to Save GIF to iPhone

As mentioned above, IOTransfer has so many excellent features. One of them is transfer photos.

Step 1: Open IOTransfer and connect your iOS device to PC via lightning cable.

Step 2: Click “MANAGE” from the top menu and go to the Photo section.


Step 3: Select an album that you want to save the GIF to and click “Import” to select the GIF file.

Step 4: Click “OK” to save the GIF to your iPhone.

Meanwhile, if a lightning cable is not carried, IOTransfer also allows you to transfer files to iPhone wirelessly. You can use the AIR-TRANS feature of IOTransfer to transfer the GIF.

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