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Spec Comparison: iPhone 11 Pro (Max) vs. Galaxy Note 10/10+
Still vacillating between iPhone 11 series and Samsung Note 10/10+ when it comes to buying a new phone? This post will help you make the smartest decision.
2 Ways to Delete iCloud Photos from Computer
There are 2 ways to delete iCloud Photos from computer. Before you delete anything, there are a few thing you need to know.
How to Download iCloud Photos to PC to Save Some Storage
iCloud has very limited storage with only 5 GB for free users. In this article, you will learn how to download iCloud photos to PC to save more iCloud storage.
7 Ways to Solve Apple Music Not Downloading Songs
If you find Apple Music not downloading songs, check these 7 methods to fix it. This article also include a workaround to download Apple Music as MP3.
Free Download Music from Deezer to iPhone or PC [High Quality]
Want to enjoy Deezer music offline for free? Here are 2 methods to download music from Deezer to iPhone or PC. They are tested working in 2019.
How to Password Protect a PDF on iPhone [2019 Detailed Guide]
It’s quite necessary to password protect a PDF on iPhone so that only authorized people can access it. Check the detailed guide on how to password protect a PDF on iPhone with ease.
How to Export Facebook Comments to CSV File with Shortcuts
Want to export Facebook comments to CSV file for some particular purpose like campaign or competition? Just check the guide on how to export Facebook comments to CSV file with Shortcuts app on iOS 12.
5 Free OCR Apps for iPhone That Works Great in 2019
With these 5 best free OCR apps for iPhone, powerful but barely known, your iOS device can copy text from image or paper.
How to Share iPhone Hotspot with PS4 in Only A Few Steps [Video]
Sometimes, you may find that your PS4 console won’t get connected to the WiFi launched by the home router. In this case, you might as well try making your iPhone a new router. In this article, I will explain how to share iPhone hotspot with PS4.
How to Fix iPhone Unable to Verify Update
Some iPhone users complain that they’re unable to verify update. So, in this tutorial, practical tips will be given to help you deal with the issue.
How to Open Zip Files on iPhone – Extract Zip Files
How to extract zip files on your iPhone or iPad? If you have this question, check this article and figure out how to extract and open zip files on iOS devices.
How to Create and Share iCloud Photo Album on iPhone
iCloud Photo Album ensures a great way to interact and share photos (and videos) with people. Check this guide, and learn how to create and share iCloud Photo Album on your iPhone in iOS 12.
How to Add Music to Instagram Story on iPhone with Two Methods
Are you looking for ways to add music to Instagram story on iPhone? Just check the detailed guide on how to add music to Instagram story with two methods.
2 Free Methods to Convert MP3 to iPhone Ringtone
Would you like to convert MP3 to iPhone ringtone? In this article, we provide 2 free methods to convert MP3 to ringtone for iPhone.
What to Do If Face ID Has Been Disabled
If Face ID has been disabled, you have to input the passcode manually to enter your iPhone which is rather inconvenient. So, in this tutorial, I will explain how to fix “Face ID has been disabled” by giving some practical solutions.
How to Untrust a Connected Computer from Your iPhone
For privacy and security consideration, sometimes you’ll have to revoke PC’s access to your iPhone. Learn about how to untrust a connected computer from iPhone in this article.
How to Fix It If Apps Crash on iPhone Frequently
It’s annoying that Apps crash on iPhone frequently when you’re using it. So, in this article, we will discuss what to do if Apps automatically close on iPhone.
How to Recover Deleted Music on iPhone with 3 Free Methods
Do you know how to recover deleted music on iPhone? In this article, we will show you 3 free methods to get deleted songs on iPhone.
How to Find Hidden Apps on iPhone with 5 Easy Methods
Is there any easy way to find hidden apps on iPhone? The answer is yes. We recommend you 5 easy methods on how to find hidden apps on iPhone in this article.
Password Protect Photos on iPhone with Photos Vault
The Hide Photo feature is not enough. To Prevent others to see your photos, you can use one of these three ways to password protect photos on iPhone.

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