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Home > Tips > How to turn off Update Notification for iOS 11

How to turn off Update Notification for iOS 11

Simple methods to help you turn off iOS 11 update notification. Not ready to update your iPhone to iOS 11, you can read this instruction on how to turn off update notification in iOS 11.

Updated Mar 09,2018 | by Shannon

Integrating with the augmented reality technology, redesigned App Store, Live Photos, Face ID and other features, iOS 11 is released after the long expectation of many Apple fans. Many users can't wait to update to experience it.

However, almost immediately after updating, some users have reported that their batteries are draining faster and devices perform slowly. And later Apple admitted that iOS 11 deliberately slows older iPhones. In such situation, are you ready to update your old, tired iPhone to iOS 11?

If you don't want to update to iOS 11 for now, how can you get rid of the annoying update notification for iOS 11 while there is no option to skip the update on the notification? Here we'd like to introduce several possible methods of how to turn off update notification for iOS 11.

Disable Automatic Downloads to Stop iOS 11 Update Notification

Automatic Updates are enabled by default, so you'll need to turn them off manually.

Step 1: On the Home screen, tap the Settings icon

Step 2: Scroll down to find iTunes & App Store

Step 3: Find and disable Updates under AUTOMATIC DOWNLOADS option


Please note that this method will only take effect in the future updates.

Delete the downloaded iOS 11 Update

If iOS 11 update has already downloaded in your phone, you can delete it to stop iOS 11 Update Notification.

Step 1: On the Home screen, tap the Settings icon

Step 2: Tap General and then select “Storage & iCloud Usage”

Step 3: Tap Manage Storage under STORAGE option

Step 4: Scroll down to find the latest iOS update.


Step 5: Tap “Delete Update” and confirm that you want to delete the update.

Stop Settings from Using Data to Stop iOS 11 Update Notification

Without the Internet, the system can't detect the update and won't remind you to update any more.

Step 1: On the Home screen, tap the Settings icon

Step 2: Tap either WLAN or Cellular to find the Apps Using WLAN & Cellular


Step 3: Scroll down to find Settings

Step 4: Choose "Off " to stop Settings from using data. And click "Ok" in the next pop-up notification window

stop settings from using data.jpg

Block iOS 11 Update Notification from Router

Stop Settings from using Data will affect you from using the iCloud related function. If you want to keep the iCloud functional, you may try to block the iOS 11 update via your router. and are the domains related to the iOS updates. So you can try to block these two domains in your Router.

Step 1: Connect a device to your router

Step 2: Type in the router's IP address which is mentioned on your router.

(If you don't know the IP address, please ask your router's manufacturer for more details.)

Step 3: Go to related Settings to find the option to block these two domains.

Please note, this method can only prevent your device from downloading the update when you connect to your own router. And it will still download the updates when you connect to other public WIFI.

Despite all these methods, you may have to update your OS eventually. Get more information of what’s new in iOS 11.2.5 if you are interested in updating to iOS 11. Also you can follow the tips how to update iOS 11. And remember to backup all your data before updating a system.

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