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Home > Tips > 3 Ways to Activate Siri on iPhone X without Home Button

3 Ways to Activate Siri on iPhone X without Home Button

How to activate Siri on iPhone X when it has no Home button? In this article, you will learn more than 3 ways to activate Siri without using Home button.

Updated Nov 10,2017 | by Shannon

The iconic Home button in iPhone X is finally becoming a thing of the past and users of iPhone will have to learn other ways of using the iPhone without it. The home button not only functioned as Touch ID button but was also Siri's activator. With the absence of the home button comes the issue of how to activate Siri on iPhone X.

Not contrary to expectations, triggering Siri on iPhone X is still as easy as it was before. In fact, it is the same action; only difference is that another important button now has that function. Besides, there are a few ways to activate Siri without the Home button.

How to Activate/Access Siri on iPhone X

You can activate Siri on your iPhone X using three methods:

Use Hey Siri on iPhone X

You can activate Siri using your voice but first of all, ensure that you have made “Hey Siri” ready for use. To do this, launch Settings, select Siri & Search, when Siri speaks, you can then set it up.


After the set-up is complete, simply say, "Hey Siri" to activate the virtual assistant. Besides using your voice, you can also enable Type to Siri to make a request by typing.

Use iPhone X Siri Button

This is a manual activation; just press the side button of your iPhone X and hold it for three seconds. Then you can ask


If you get bored, you can always get funny things to ask Siri.

Use Assistive Touch to Activate Siri on iPhone X

Without Home button, you can add a virtual Home button to your iPhone, so you can access Siri from there.

To set it up, go to Settings > General > Accessibility and then scroll down to turn on AssistiveTouch.


From there, you can also customize the virtual Home button. Then, no matter where you are, you can tab on the virtual Home button to active Siri on iPhone X.

There are also other ways to activate Siri without Home button. If you have EarPods plugged in your iPhone X, you can press and hold the center button, then you can make your request.

How to Exit Siri on iPhone X

To exit Siri, go to the home screen by pressing the side button or simply swipe up from the lower part of the display.

In conclusion, Apple assigned more functions to the side button as the ON/OFF button now works as the virtual assistant. Some other functions of the power button besides activating the personal assistant, includes, calling emergency services, disabling Touch ID temporarily and sending your device to sleep/wake mode.

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