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Home > Tips > How to Hide Notification Previews in iOS 11 on iPhone

How to Hide Notification Previews in iOS 11 on iPhone

In iOS 11 you can hide notification previews on iPhone Lock Screen if you want to turn off notification. Read this article to get the method to hide Notification Previews in iOS 11 on Lcok Screen and to know more about Notification in iOS 11.

Updated Sep 21,2017 | by Shannon

iOS 11 brings more features and changes with iPhone, among which you may first notice is the Notification Center. Notification center is quite helpful in most time, but many iPhone users are always concerned about the privacy, wondering how to turn off notification preview on iPhone Lock Screen. They would not want others to snoop up upon their notification previews. Some users might want to disable notification previews in order to be more focused on their work and minimize the interruptions and clutter. This article will show you how to hide notification previews in iOS 11 on iPhone.

The method mentioned below is the easiest option and will enable you to quickly disable notification previews in iOS 11.

Hide Notification Preview in iOS 11 for Apps

Here are the steps you need to take:

Step 1: Open Settings and scroll down to “Notifications”. Tap on it.

Step 2: Now you need to tap on “Show Previews”

Step 3: There are 3 options, choose “When Unlocked” or “Never”.

hide notification previews.jpg

Ÿ   When Unlocked - Notification previews will not show when your iPhone is locked, but only appear after you have unlocked the screen.

Ÿ   Never - Notification previews won't show no matter your iPhone screen is locked or unlocked.

Turn Off Notification Preview in iOS 11 For Specific Apps

Another option that you may consider when trying to reduce the number of notification previews you get is to only disable them for specific apps.

For example, you may consider Facebook Notification Previews, or Mail Previews to be really important and private and might not want them to show up in notification previews.

Therefore, instead of disabling notification previews for all apps, you can only disable them for certain apps that you want to.

Here are the steps that you need to go through in order to do that:

Step 1: Open Settings and click on the notifications after scrolling down.

Step 2: Now click on the specific app that you want to disable the notification previews of

Step 3: For example, if you want to click the notification previews for Mail, click on “Mail”

Step 4: Tap Show Previews

Step 5: And then click on “When Unlocked” or “Never” as per your wants.

So this article described in detail on the new Notification feature in iOS 11 and how to turn off notification previews on iPhone. You may take some time to get used to the changes. And you will be able to easily disable the notification previews to get rid of any privacy concerns or clutter you may have on your device. 

Access Notification Center in iOS 11 on iPhone

It may confuse some users that the interface of Notification Center in iOS 11 is same as the lock screen. Let's see how it works.

Ÿ   When you are on lock screen, you can swipe down from the top of screen to view Notifications, which is same as you do in iOS 10. But this only shows “Earlier Today” section and only appears for a few seconds. To view more Notifications history, you have to slide up the screen. But not from bottom side of the screen, which will launch the Control Center instead.

Ÿ   When you are on any other interfaces, that is to say when your iPhone is unlocked, you can still swipe down from the top of screen to view Notifications. The change is then you can switch right to access Today View, and switch left to access camera.

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