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Home > Tips > How to Search Photos on iOS 12 - Photo Search on iPhone

How to Search Photos on iOS 12 - Photo Search on iPhone

iOS 12 brings many new features to us. We can search photos in the gallery more conveniently and more accurately. This page lets you know the detailed information of how to search photos on iOS 12 for more accurate result in an easy way.

Updated Oct 08,2018 | by Niko

Have you updated your apple system to the latest iOS 12? iOS 12 brings us with many new features. First of all, we will experience a much faster and more responsive iPhone. We can use the Screen Time feature to get the detailed information of our phone usage and set limitation for children or ourselves to use phone more reasonable.  One of the disadvantages in the previous iOS versions is the disturbing notifications.

In iOS 12, the Notification has been improved for better control. Another cute new feature is that we can customize our own animated emoji, or Animoji, with a spinoff called "Memoji", and snap pictures of ourselves and add custom text when sending Messages.

Among all the new features and improvements, which is your favorite new feature? My favorite feature is the improved search feature in Photo app. It enables us to search photos more accurate with an easy way in our photo galleries.

As our photo galleries become larger and larger, it is a headache to find a certain photo among the hundreds, even thousands of photos.  Fortunately, Apple improves the Photos app in iOS 12 for easier and more accurate search. Now let’s check the detailed steps of How to Search Photos on iOS 12.

1: Search photos through the new Search tab

After updating to iOS 12, you will get a Search tab at the bottom right corner when you open the Photo app. Tap on it and then start the search.


2. Search photos with a search term or multiple terms

iOS 12not only offers a new Search tab, but also  improves search capability. You can get the search results immediately whenever you start typing into the search box.

You can even search with multiple terms so that you can get a more accurate result.

3: Search photos with the suggested search terms

For the best results, please try the Photos’ suggested search terms.


4: Search Photos by Event, Place, etc.

You can also search for events, locations and people. Such as "Beaches" or more generally, "seaside"


There are also many other improvements in Photos app, such as the for “For you” tab.


If you travel with your family, hung out with your friends, or join other interesting group activities, you must have many pictures that you want to share with your family or friends.  The new ‘For you’ tab provides you with a very easy option to share the pictures. It offers you sharing suggestions by determining which of your contacts appear in the photos and videos, so that you can share the photos and videos easily.

iOS 12 improves the Photos app much, as photos and videos are very important to us.  They carry precious memories for special moments, events, and person. If you would like to manage, transfer, or back up your important photos and videos, please try a very easy-to-use tool: IOTransfer.

It only takes you 3 steps to manage, transfer, or back up your important photos and videos:

Step 1: Download IOTransfer and install it on your Windows PC.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone/iPad to your PC with a USB cable.

Step 3: Open IOTransfer and start the Transfer with just one-click.


You can also manage your photos one by one under the Manage tab.

IOTransfer also provides you with wireless transfer under the Air-Trans tab. You can transfer photos, videos, and files between your iPhone/iPad and PC through Wi-Fi connection. Download IOTransfer now and have a try. 

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