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Home > Tips > [Preview] New Features of iPhone XS You Must Know

[Preview] New Features of iPhone XS You Must Know

The release of iPhone XS is around the corner. It’s time for us to have a preview on iPhone XS and check what’s new about it!

Updated Sep 21,2018 | by Micky

Recently, the pre-order of Apple’s new product – iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max – has begun. People can pre-order then on online services like Best Buy and Verizon.

Developed from iPhone X, iPhone XS is 5.8-inch while its sibling, iPhone XS Max is 6.5-inch, roughly the same size as iPhone 8’s.

But what exactly differences does Apple make this time? In the following preview on iPhone XS, you will find the answers.


Improved Camera Techniques Take Photos with Better Output Quality

Both rear-facing HDR camera on iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are still 12MP, but with some new and advanced techniques, they are able to create much better output.

Smart HDR, one of the highlights, takes 9 rather than 4 photos simultaneously. The 4-frame buffer makes photos look better when using a long exposure for shadow details.

More compellingly, the new camera now makes the photo quality looks more like the ones’ taken by a big-lens SLR camera while more importantly, the camera App allows you to change the effect of the photo after you take it once tapping on “Edit”.

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Hardware Improvements

A much faster processor will be embbed in both iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. The 6–core processor run 15% faster than last year’s A11. The corresponding neutral processing unit makes even a bigger difference. Now, it can complete from 6 million to 5 trillion operations every second. It literally does good to real-time machine learning. For example, it enhances the performance of Animoji where your iphone has to analyze your face and map objects on the fly.

They Are Coming in Gold

This time, the gold is almost the same as real gold. Different from the previous ones on iPhone 7/7S and iPhone 8/8S, the golden skin on iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max shines and glimmers in the sunshine, making it look more like real mental and in this way, it’s luxurious and attractive.

As for the cost, it’s 1629 dollars. But still, I think it’s worthy!

More Water-resistance Ability

Upgrading from IP67 to IP 68, the water-resistance on both iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have been dramatically improved which means you can leave them submerged at a depth of 2 meters for up to 30 minutes. Besides in fresh water, Apple has also tested them in Juice, tea, wine, and beer.

Bottom Line

What’s new about iPhone XS?

That’s some main features and improvements of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max above. Hopefully, you can have a detailed preview of them right before beginning the purchase. 

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