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Home > Tips > How to Fix iPhone Storage Full But Nothing on Phone

How to Fix iPhone Storage Full But Nothing on Phone

If you find your iPhone storage full but nothing on Phone, before deleting anything, you can try these 5 methods to fix it and restore iPhone storage usage to normal.

Updated Jun 08,2018 | by Cody

It is very annoying to constantly get a message iPhone storage full but nothing on phone. In this article, I will show you exactly how to fix this problem. Since the real cause of this error varies from one iPhone to another, you may need to try one or more of the following method to sort it out.

Force Restart Your iPhone

You can check your iPhone or iPad storage usage by going to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > STORAGE > Manage Storage. If you find that no much stuff is really stored on your iPhone while you still get the iPhone storage full error, the first thing you should try is force-restart.

If you use iPhone 6s/Plus or an earlier version of iPhone, press and hold the power button and Home button until you see the Apple Logo appear.

If you use iPhone 7/plus, press and hold both power button and Volume Down button till you see the Apple Logo appear.

If you use iPhone 8/Plus or iPhone X, you can follow the steps below to force-start your iPhone.

Step 1. Press and release the Volume up button.

Step 2. Press and release the Volume down button.

Step 3. Press and hold the side button until you see the Apple Logo.

When your iPhone restarted, enter your passcode and you should not receive the iPhone storage almost full error.

Clear iPhone App Cache

In order to load faster, many apps will save cached files on your iOS device. These cached files can take a great amount of storage space. Many iPhone uses have reported that Facebook app had taken a lot of GB of space.

Therefore, you should clear Facebook cache on iPhone. If you want to fully clear Facebook cache, you’d better delete Facebook app and install it again. Some user claims to have released 15GB of space after reinstalling Facebook app.

Also, you should clear Safari cache and history and clear cache from other apps. Deleting some large apps can really increase the available space on your iPhone.

Use iPhone Cleaner

If the apps on your iPhone do not take much space or you do not want to uninstall any app, there is a better way to free up storage space on your iPhone. You can use IOTransfer iPhone cleaner to free up iPhone storage space by deleting junk files, caches within one click.

You can follow the steps below to clean all unwanted files on your iPhone.

Step 1. Free download IOTransfer and install it on your Windows computer.

Step 2. Open IOTransfer and connect your iPhone to PC with the lightning cable.


Step 3. Click the CLEAN tab, and click the Scan button to scan your iPhone for junk files.


Step 4. When the scan completes, click Clean My iPhone to free up iPhone storage space.

Some junk files are hidden deep in your iPhone, so it is hard to find and delete them manually. This tool can just help you do that. After that, your iPhone storage usage should back to normal.

Restore from Backup

If you are lucky enough to have backed up your iPhone with iTunes before the problem iPhone storage full appears, then you can restore your iPhone from backup to solve this problem.

 restore from backup.png

Connect your iPhone to the computer that you used to back up your iPhone, and open iTunes to select Restore Backup to restore your iPhone to previous date.

Reset iPhone Settings

If all these solutions do not work, you can backup your videos, photos, music, contacts and other data to your computer and then reset your iPhone to factory default. In this way, you will certainly solve this problem of iPhone storage full but nothing on it.

To backup your iPhone quickly, you can use IOTransfer that provides you one-click transfer iPhone data to PC.


To reset your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase all contents and settings. After entering your passcode to confirm, your iPhone will restart and you will have to set up your iPhone again.


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