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Home > Tips > How to Free up Memory on iPhone When Storage Is Full

How to Free up Memory on iPhone When Storage Is Full

Learn tips and tricks to free up memory on iPhone when iPhone storage is full.

Updated Apr 28,2018 | by Admin

As more and more apps, photos and music have run out of your iPhone’s memory, the dreaded “not enough storage” message finally shows up on your iPhone screen. How to free up memory on iPhone when storage is full? Read the post and get your answers.

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In the past, I have introduced some ways to free up memory on iPhone. So before you try any new methods you might want to use some of the old ones such as setting message expiration to 30 days, backing up photos and videos to PC by using IOTransfer iPhone manager, or clearing safari caches. If those tricks don’ work when iPhone storage is full, you can try some of these:

Method 1: Offload Unused Apps

In iOS 11, offload app feature means that unused apps can be automatically or manually removed from iPhone without deleting apps’ documents and data, which is quite useful if you want to reinstall those apps. Firstly, take a trip to the Settings app, and go to General > iPhone Storage. Here you turn on offload unused apps automatically. If you have enabled it, your iPhone will automatically offload unused apps when iPhone storage is full.


For manually offload apps, scroll down and tap one specific app. When you see “offload app”, then tap it.


Method 2: Delete “Recently Deleted” Photos

Starting from iOS 8, “Recently Deleted” album on iPhone stores all your deleted photos in the past 30 days. iPhone uses the feature to let you recover those that you might have accidentally deleted. But actually those photos are the big eater of your iPhone memory.

To permanently delete them once for all, you can go to Photos >Albums > Recently Deleted. Select all the media you want to remove from your iPhone and tap “Delete” in the left corner. Before you delete all the photos, you might want to back up your iPhone photos.


Method 3: Narrow down Email Apps

Many people use more than one email apps like Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc. These apps download the data and save your account information to iPhone so that you can check the email offline. You really don’t need a dozen email apps. Just consolidate your email accounts into one email app like Apple’s own Mail app or Gmail. Thus you can free up more memory on your iPhone.


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