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Home > Tips > How to Restore iPhone from Backup - Restore iPhone from iTunes Backup and iCloud Backup

How to Restore iPhone from Backup - Restore iPhone from iTunes Backup and iCloud Backup

Here’s how to restore iPhone from backup. The following article will show you how to restore iPhone from iTunes backup and iCloud backup respectively.

Updated Oct 17,2016 | by Niko

Backup can rescue you from iPhone data-losing disaster, besides, backup will also enrich your new iPhone as the previous one. On the condition that you backup iPhone properly, you can restore iPhone from backup. Here’s how to restore iPhone from backup, and this article will show you restore iPhone from iTunes backup and iCloud backup respectively.

Restore iPhone from iTunes Backup

>> How to Backup Your iPhone with iTunes

If you want to restore iPhone from iTunes backup, then first, you should connect your iPhone to the computer/Mac, which you used to make iPhone backup. Here are the steps to restore iPhone from iTunes backup.

1.       Connect your iPhone to computer/Mac with USB cable

2.       Open iTunes, Trust This Computer if needed

3.       Select your iPhone and enter the control interface. You will see the information of latest iCloud backup and iTunes backup, including backup date and time

4.       Before choosing “Restore Backups…”, you need to go to iCloud Settings on your iPhone and turn off Find My iPhone

5.       Choose a backup and click Restore. You can disconnect your iPhone after the restart and sync finish

Now, you finish restoring iPhone from iTunes backup.



Restore iPhone from iCloud Backup

>> How to Backup Your iPhone with iCloud

Before restoring iPhone from iCloud backup, you should make sure you have already turned on automatic iCloud backup on your iPhone or made iCloud backup manually. To check out your iCloud backup information, go to Settings > iCloud > Backup, and you will see the data and time detail of the last backup.

So, how to restore iPhone from iCloud backup?

1.       You will see Hello screen when you turn on your iPhone (if it’s not, then erase all of the iPhone content)

2.       Follow the onscreen steps until you reach the Apps & Data screen, and choose “Restore from iCloud Backup”

3.       Enter your Apple ID and sign in to iCloud

4.       Choose a backup, and then the restore iPhone from iCloud backup starts.

Keep Wi-Fi connected and wait for the progress complete that depends on the network speed as well as the iCloud backup size. If Wi-Fi is disconnected during the progress, it would pause until your iPhone get reconnected.


In addition to restoring iPhone from iTunes or iCloud backup, you can also choose other data recovery tools to help you make it. For example, Phone Saver is one of the best iOS data & file recovery software that helps you recover from data loss, system breakdown and any update error with few simple clicks.

Bottom Line

Regularly backup your iPhone ensures extra reliable solution and security when you need to resolve iPhone issues by restoring it from backup. Like we mentioned in the very beginning that backup can rescue you from accidental or unavoidable disasters. So, for every iPhone users, it is extremely important to backup your iPhone on a regular basis.

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