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Home > Tips > How to Fix iCloud Not Working on iPhone - Get Some Help with the Problems with iCloud

How to Fix iCloud Not Working on iPhone - Get Some Help with the Problems with iCloud

How to solve the issue of iCloud not working on iPhone? Reading the following tutorial and you will be taught what to do when iCloud doesn’t work on iPhone properly.

Updated Apr 24,2018 | by Micky

iCloud is an online service for cloud storage and computing by Apple, via which users can store their iPhone music, videos, photos, and other kinds of digital files for backup with a 5GB one-off free storage space. However, sometimes the issue of "iCloud not working on iPhone" occurs and users complain they cannot find any effective solutions to this problem. So, in the following tutorial, I will list some typical glitches that iCloud users often confront and accordingly, the iCloud troubleshooting methods will be shared.


                                                   iCloud won’t work on iPhone

Some Practical Solutions to iPhone iCloud Not Working

Before we start, please first make sure the iOS version should be at least iOS 5 or the latter and you have already signed up a valid Apple ID.

1.       iCloud Sync Is Too Slow

Try disconnecting your iPhone from Wi-Fi and then reconnecting to check whether it runs well. If not, you should clear App cache and junk files on iPhone that slow down the computing speed.

2.       No iCloud Storage Space Left

If you receive a message saying you have reached or exceeded iCloud storage limit, you must pay for extra storage space or manage and free up iCloud space by deleting some unimportant documents.


3.       The iPhone Authentication Failure

If you get an “Authentication Failed” message when trying to sign in iPhone in the course of iCloud setup, you should go to Apple ID account page and sign in. If you still can’t sign in, follow the instructions given there and reset your Apple ID and its passwords.

4.       iCloud Is Not Available Where You Are

If you get a notification saying that iCloud service is not available in your region or country, in this case, the only way is to ask Apple support for help.

5.       iCloud Gets Stuck When Signing in

If iCloud is stuck when you are trying to sign in, you should hold down the power button, switch to “Power Off” and press the power button again to reboot your iPhone.

A Much More Efficient Alternative to iCloud for iPhone Backup

As you can see above, there are plenty of problems with iCloud when backing up iPhone data, and those examples above are just the tip of the iceberg. Honestly, those solutions don’t necessarily work all the time either. So, why are you still so persistent in such an inconvenience rather than turn to another safer and simpler software for help?

IOTransfer, a versatile user-friendly iPhone transfer software should be your first choice when you need to sync iPhone data to computer for backup. Unlike iCloud, the whole backup process will be going offline so that you don’t need to care about the network condition and the transferring speed. Meanwhile, an unlimited size of storage is available as well unlike iCloud's 5GB free storage. What you need are just a set of PC and a USB cable.

What is the best way to fix iCloud serivce not working on iPhone. Don’t waste your time on the problems with iCloud. Free download the best iPhone transfer software and have a try for iPhone backup!

2 Steps for Data Backup When iCloud Doesn't Work on iPhone

Step 1 Preparation before the Data Transfer

Install and launch IOTransfer, connect your iPhone to PC via a USB cable and wait until it’s recognized. If the alert “Trust This Computer?” pops up, simply click on “Trust”.


Step 2 Begin iPhone Data Transfer

Firstly, preset an output folder to save the backup. Go to “MANAGE” and select a category in the left list. Here, I will take music for example. Select the music you want to transfer by ticking off the tiny blank box before each name and then click on “Import”. Select the folder you previously set and begin the data transferring process. Within seconds, the process can be completely accomplished.


Now, I think you have your own ideas when the problem of iCloud not working on iPhone occurs. Try the given tips or free download another more powerful iPhone transfer software for troubleshooting iCloud.

Other Practical Features of IOTransfer

1.       Convert HEIC photos to JPG

2.       Download videos from mainstream sites.

3.       Clear App cache and junk files on iPhone.

4.       Transfer PDF from PC to iBook on iPhone.

5.       Delete unused Apps from iPhone.

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