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Home > Tips > iPhone and iPad Activation Lock Bypass 2018

iPhone and iPad Activation Lock Bypass 2018

Don't you find any effective answers to how to bypass locked iCloud on iPhone/iPad and how to remove find my iPhone activation lock without the previous owner? Have no fear, because, in the following tutorial, a brief but detailed guide will be provided to help you handle the job of iPhone and iPad activation lock bypass 2018.

Updated Apr 23,2018 | by Micky

Apple’s iCloud activation lock is a special feature designed to protect the users’ information from being leaked when their iPhone or iPad gets stolen. Once the users enable “Find My iPhone”, the stolen iPhone will become a brick which is totally useless for the thief.

The Preface of iPhone and iPad Activation Lock bypass 2018

How to bypass iPad/iPhone activation lock is frequently asked by users who forget their iCloud account’s passwords or the unfortunate ones who unconsciously bought a stolen iPhone and couldn’t access it without knowing the previous owner’s iCloud details. But don’t be too frustrated, since there are still many feasible ways to help you solve the problem of iCloud bypass effectively. In the following paragraphs, I will offer the best solutions to iCloud locked on iPhone/iPad in 2 separate situations.

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iPad activation lock bypass 2018

How to Bypass iCloud When Forgetting iCloud Passwords

In most cases, your iCloud account should be the same as your Apple ID and you can get it back when forgetting your iCloud passwords.

1.       Firstly, go to this site on your PC:!&page=signin

2.       Click on “Forgot Apple ID or Passwords?”

3.       Type your Apple ID – an email address - onto the blank space that appears, and finish the required captcha.

4.       Hit “Continue” and the following instruction will be sent to your email address to help you reset the passwords.


How to Bypass Locked iCloud After Buying A Second-hand iPhone

As I have mentioned before, if the previous owner enabled the feature “Find My iPhone”, the iPhone you bought became a useless brick unless you can find the owner himself or find a way to fix it. Since it seems impossible for you to find the owner, how to unlock iCloud?

Now, I am giving a practical but temporary solution to finish this iCloud locked issue.

DNS Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

Step 1 Go to “Wi-Fi Settings” on your iPhone, tap “I” beside the Wi-Fi you want to connect your device to.

Step 2 After it’s finished, you will go to the network settings. Now, remove the existing DNS and input the new one according to where you live. Here are some details of it:

For users who live in USA/Canada:

For users who live in Europe:

For users who live in Asia:

For users who live on other continents:

Step 3 After changing the DNS, make sure to tap “Back” and tap “Activation Help”.

After all the steps above, you will be informed that you are successfully connected to the server. This time, you can use most of the features on iPhone and the settings are also included.


It seems pretty cool, right? However, sometimes this temporary solution doesn’t necessarily help when facing the problem of iCloud locked on iPad and iPhone. In this case, you must resort to some more powerful third-party software to unlock iCloud on your iDevices.

Several Recommended Software for iCloud Unlock

1.       iPhoneIMEI

What if iCloud is locked on iPhone 5/5S? iPhonelMEl should be your best choice which is definitely legit and only takes one or two days to finish the whole process and meanwhile ensures there is no iCloud locked on iPhone/iPad issue in the future.

2.       Official iPhone Unlock

If iPhoneIMEI doesn’t help when you are wondering how to bypass locked iCloud, Official iPhone Unlock, known for its nice customer support, must be your second best choice although it might take three or four days to accomplish the whole process.

     3.      iPhoneUnlock.Zone

This is an online service to deal with iPhone iCloud locked. With the sincerest customer service and a promised refund, it comes to be your third best choice when the 2 methods above don't work out.

Bottom Line

Now, I think after you work your way through this tutorial you have clearly understood how to bypass iPad/iPhone activation lock. If you think it’s useful, please share this article with your families and friends, great thanks to you!

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