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Home > Tips > How to Delete System Storage on iPhone – Make the iPhone Perform Better

How to Delete System Storage on iPhone – Make the iPhone Perform Better

Did you find there is not enough storage on your iPhone? Don’t worry, this time, we will learn how to delete system storage on iPhone given some practical methods.

Updated Jan 10,2019 | by Micky

Q: “Yesterday, when I check my iPhone storage in “Settings” App, I found that system storage takes up to 20 GB. No wonder my device gets slower and slower recently. Does anybody know how to delete system storage on iPhone?”

What Is System Storage

System storage on iPhone has files with temporary cache and cookies included that are necessary for the operating system without which your iPhone can’t function properly.

However, as time goes by, system storage can get larger and larger for unknown reasons which makes the iPhone become rather slow.

How to clear system storage on iPhone? This is our major topic in the following content.

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How to Check System Storage on iPhone

If your iPhone is no longer as quick as it used to be, you may need to check whether iPhone system storage is high. To see the details, go to “Settings”, “General” and “iPhone Storage”. After the calculation is finished, scroll all the way down to the button and then, you can see “System”.


How to Clear System storage on iPhone with iTunes

When it comes to iTunes, it’s often about backup and file transfer. But you know what, iTunes can also be used to shrink the size of system storage on your iPhone and it’s extremely easy.

The only things you need are a set of computer with the latest version of iTunes installed and a USB cable.

Now, let’s see how this trick works.

Step 1 Launch iTunes on the computer and connect your iPhone to it via a USB cable.

Step 2 Unlock your iPhone by entering the passcodes. If you have never connected your iPhone to this computer before, you will be prompted to trust this computer. When you see the notification on the display, tap on “Trust” to proceed.

Step 3 Leave the iPhone and the computer alone for several minutes during which you don’t need to do anything like syncing them.

Step 4 Disconnect them and go to the setting App again to see whether the size of the system storage is reduced.

We have no ideas why this trick works in most cases, but we’re pretty sure that when your iPhone is connected with iTunes, some sort of procedure is going on to remove extra cache, temp, and cookie files from system storage.

How to Clear Your iPhone with Powerful Third-party Software

iPhone system storage high is not the only cause to the slower and slower operating speed, too many junk files generated by Apps and search engines can also be a crucial factor.

Here, I recommend IOTransfer to clear junk files on your iOS device, keeping it running in the best state.

With IOTransfer, you can delete extra cache and cookies of daily use within only 1 click and the result information will also be represented.

IOTransfer is more than an iOS cleaner, it also enables its users to download videos from mainstream sites, make any GIFs they want and transfer files across iPhone and PC.

Just download it for free and have a try.

Clean Your iPhone with 2 Steps

Step 1 Connect the iPhone to PC

Install and launch IOTransfer, connect your iPhone or PC to PC via a USB cable and wait until the device is recognized. When you see the notification “Trust This Computer” pop up on the device’s display, tap on “Trust” to proceed.


Step 2 Begin Cleaning

Click on “CLEAN” on the top toolbar. Then, you can see the size of recommended files to clean. Meanwhile, you can also click on “Details” to see what kind of files they are. Click on “Clean My iPhone” or “Clean My iPad” to get started. In a few seconds, it will be completed.



You can also use IOTransfer to delete unused Apps to save more iPhone storage .

Bottom Line

How to delete system storage on iPhone? After reading the tutorial, you can see how simple it is. Please share this article with your friends if they get involved in the same problem and remember to contact us when you have any further questions about iPhone cleaning.

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