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Home > Tips > How to Clear Storage Space on iPhone Quickly

How to Clear Storage Space on iPhone Quickly

5 easy and quick steps to free up storage space if you’re running out of storage on your iPhone and regain valuable space instantly.

Updated Jun 08,2018 | by Micky

When you are running out of space on your iPhone, you can start deleting apps, photos, videos to free up space or you can expand your storage. But it is quite annoying and time-wasting to deal with them one by one.


Luckily, this article shares 5 tricks to clear storage space on iPhone quickly.


Step 1: Find out what’s taking up iPhone storage


Your iPhone may be full of things you don’t really need. Since they take a lot of valuable space, it’s important to find out what actually eats up your storage before you continue to clear storage space on iPhone.


A handy way to check what takes up storage on iPhone is to go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage (in older versions of iOS, go to General > Storage & iCloud Usage, then tap Manage Storage). After a few seconds, at the top of the screen, there's an overview of the storage used and available on your device. You’ll easily see how much space you’ve used and how much space of each category takes. Then, it is time to continue to clear iPhone storage space.


Step 2: Make good use of iPhone storage management system


One of the major improvements in iOS 11 is the revamped storage management system, which makes it easy to view storage consumption and even easier to free up storage space with automatic recommendations.


In the new iOS 11 storage management system, you can get a clearer picture of exactly what is taking up space on your iPhone, from messages, photos, and other media to individual apps.

The storage management system gives you automatic recommendations to instantly free up space by utilizing iCloud to reviewing files on your device, etc.


For example, you might notice like "Enable iCloud Photo Library", "Empty 'Recently Deleted' Album" or "Review Personal Videos" to recommend you to free up storage space according your device condition.


You can just go on to take the recommendations to save space on your iPhone.



Step 3: Delete or offload apps you don’t need


The first thing you may think of freeing up storage space is to delete unused apps. It is a quick way to regain valuable space on your iPhone. To delete an app, tap and hold on its icon and wait for it to start the Edit Mode. Then tap on the X in the left corner to delete the app.


But if there is no app you would like to delete, you can also offload apps you do not use frequently.


Offload Unused Apps, a new feature of storage management system in iOS 11, which lets you free up space on your iPhone in a more efficient manner. It allows you to remove an app while keeping all documents and data. Reinstalling the app later will place back your data.


There are two ways to offload unused apps.


First, Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store to enable Offload Unused Apps. Once the setting is enabled, it will automatically remove some unused apps to save space.


Second, go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage. There is a list of all installed apps on your iPhone. You can manually select and offload apps by tapping on "Offload App" inside their storage information page.


Step 4: Delete things taking up unnecessary storage space


Normally, photos and videos are likely taking up a lot of space on your iPhone. It is not inconvenient and time-wasting to delete them one by one. It is strongly recommended to delete them by using 3rd party software IOTransfer.


IOTransfer is an ultimate iPhone/iPad/iPod manager software. It provides the 1-click solution to manage and clean your photos, music, videos, contacts, and more from PC to free up storage on iPhone.


1: Download IOTransfer and install it on your computer.

2: Launch IOTransfer after the installation, connect your iPhone to PC via a USB cable, and wait a while for the program to detect the iPhone. Tap Trust on your iPhone to allow the computer to access the data on your iPhone.


3: Switch to MANAGE. Click on the category in the left menu, select the items you do not want and delete them in bulk. IOTransfer supports to delete photos, music, videos, ibooks, contacts, podcast, voice memos, and apps.

Step5: Clear junk files and cache on iOS device


After deleting unwanted items, you can take this solution to clean junk files and cache on iPhone to further free up space for a cleaner system.


Step 1: Switch to CLEAN, click on Scan My iPhone to scan for the junk files and cache on your iPhone.



Step 2: Click Clean My iPhone to clean up the junk files and caches to free up storage space.



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