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Home > Tips > How to Send Animated Text Messages in iPhone iOS 10

How to Send Animated Text Messages in iPhone iOS 10

Animated text message is an awesome feature of iOS 10 Message. You can edit and send animated messages with effects. Read on to learn how to use new iMessage features and how to send text messages with effects in iOS 10.

Updated Dec 12,2016 | by Shannon

With the release of iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iOS 10, animated text messages are introduced to text messages. The awesome features of iOS 10 Message will make your messages more funny and exciting. 

These animations are called Effects which is only available in iMessage. With these effects, you can send a full screen of fireworks on New Year evening or you can also send a screen full of balloons on birthdays. This animated text messages will cover the whole screen when the message is opened and it will also show on their Apple watch and Mac.

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How to Use New iMassage Features and Send Animated Messages on iPhone 

To send animated messages, you need to follow these steps.

Step 1:

Go to the Messages app in your iPhone and write the text message in the iMessage field. 

Step 2:

After typing the text message, press the “up” arrow on the right conner for a longer time. You need to press it for long if your device does not support 3D touch.

up arrow.png

Step 3:

After pressing that arrow, you will see 'Bubble' and 'Screen' options. Tap on the option of "Screen" and you will see effects on the full-screen mode. You can swipe left or right to change and select the options. There are five kinds of effects available, including confetti, laser, fireworks, balloons and shooting stars.


Step 4:

If you want to animate the message bubbles, you may tap on "Bubble" effect. There are four effects, which are slam, loud, gentle and invisible ink, and that will animate your message bubble. 


Step 5:

Select the effect you would like to send and then tap the send message button. By pressing it, you will be able to send that effect to the person you want. 

effect message.png

Tips About Animated Text Messages

There are some tips which you may need to know before you start sending these animated messages to the people.

l  If you send a message like "happy birthday" or "happy new year", your iPhone will automatically attach the suitable screen effect with that. This will save you from the long process.

l  There are some effects which are built in already, these effects include confetti, balloons, fireworks etc.

l  IOS 10 lets you send the animated gif text from the messages app and it will show in the new interaction notification mode i.e. the other person can see it on the lock screen as well.

l  Currently, the screen effects of the iOS 10 still does not show up in the messages app.

 By following the above steps, you can use GIFs for text messages which will allow you to send animated texts to your loved ones to enhance the beauty of the moment.

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