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Home > Tips > iPhone X Inside Wallpaper – ‘See-Through’ Inside iPhone X Wallpapers

iPhone X Inside Wallpaper – ‘See-Through’ Inside iPhone X Wallpapers

Cool iPhone X inside wallpapers were shared by iFixit, allowing you to show the inside of your iPhone X. Show off the inside of your iPhone X with these inside iPhone X Wallpapers.

Updated Nov 10,2017 | by Niko

Since iPhone 4, there are many examples of iPhone models being disassembled, including the latest iPhone X. Shortly before, iFixit, the famous wiki-based website that teaches how to fix almost anything, finished up with iPhone X teardown.

iFixit's iPhone X teardown video shows Apple’s unique approach to the layout of iPhone X components. Besides, iFixit also shares some cool iPhone X inside wallpapers, allowing you to show the inside of your iPhone X.

During the process, we can see some unique features of iPhone X internal layout, like L-shaped two block battery that has never been seen before on other iPhone models. In terms of other internal structures, they are described as “unprecedented miniaturization”, including ultra-tiny circuit boards, wireless charging circle, TrueDepth camera system, updated camera modules and etc.

Here is one thing left on iFixit teardown check list: inside iPhone X wallpapers (high-resolution image and an X-ray image of iPhone X insides). With these cool iPhone X inside wallpapers, it’s like you are showing off the internals of your iPhone X. Thanks to iPhone X edge-to-edge OLED screen, the iPhone X inside wallpapers are able to achieve such great effect.


How to Get Your iPhone X Inside Wallpaper?

For the best effect, you can open iFixit blog on your iPhone X. Find the image you want, click on the photo for the full resolution, and save it on to your iPhone X. Now you can set the image as the coolest iPhone X inside wallpaper.

Go to Settings > Wallpapers, and choose between “Still” or “Perspective” or both.


In addition to iPhone X inside wallpapers, iFixit also plans to share the internal wallpapers of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. 

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