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Home > Tips > How to Add Multiple Photos to One Instagram Story - 4 Steps

How to Add Multiple Photos to One Instagram Story - 4 Steps

With only 4 steps, you can easily add multiple photos to one Instagram Story in 2020. Learn how to put multiple pictures on one Instagram Story all at once.

Updated Mar 26,2020 | by Joy

Instagram introduced a new and popular 24-hour Story feature to its app, which allows users to add multiple photos to one Instagram Story. With this update, you can share the special moments in your life with your followers in an easier way.

Are you wondering how to upload photos to your Instagram Story in batch? Now, check the guide on how to put multiple pictures on one Instagram Story all at once.

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How to Add Multiple Photos to Instagram Story

Actually, it is fairly similar to how you upload videos and photos to a regular Instagram post. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1. Open the Instagram app. To add a story, just tap on the CAMERA icon on the top left. Or you can go to your PROFILE and tap on the “+” icon on your profile photo (download profile photo in full size).


Step 2. In the popup page, tap on the GALLERY icon on the bottom left and then you will see your photo gallery.


Step 3. Click on the STACKED SQUARES icon in the top right corner and select the photos you want to add.                        



Note that you can only add up to 10 pictures here. The number on each picture indicates the order in which they will be displayed on your Story

Step 4. Click NEXT icon and then you will see all the photos that you want to upload lined up at the bottom. There is an edit screen where you can preview all the photos and edit them separately based on your own needs.

Finally, Tap on NEXT icon to start posting the photos to your story.

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With the four simple steps, you can easily add multiple photos to one Instagram Story all at once, which will surely save your valuable time. Sounds interesting, right? Do it now.

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Add Multiple Photos to a Single Instagram Story

If don’t like multiple image on each screen for you, you can post a single Instagram story with 2 or multiple images. Here is how.

Step 1. Click on the camera in the top left of your screen to select one image, or directly on your Instagram profile icon if you don’t have other active stories.

Step 2. After selecting the first image, go to Photos app and copy the second photo that you want to add to Instagram story. 

Add Multiple Photos to Instagram Story

Step 3. After copying the image, go back to Instagram. Now, You will see the Add Sticker option at the left bottom and tap on it to add that photo as a sticker. 

Edit Instagram Story

Step 4. Adjust the selected image size and positioning within your Instagram Story screen.

Step 5. Repeat this process to add as many images as you like until your happy with the Instagram Story and tap Send to publish your Instagram Story.


If you don't see this sticker, use a VPN and set it to USA. After reloading Instagram, you should be able to see this sticker. 

Whether uploading photos or posting videos to Instagram, your goal is to keep your Instagram account active and get more followers and likes. Currently, more followers on Instagram seem to be a sign of popularity and social status. Focusing on your content is a great way to do this, and if you want to make it easier to get followers, you can refer to this page.

Bonus Tip: Free Download Multiple Instagram Photos & Videos 

As is mentioned above, you can download some funny Instagram Stories from others’ accounts and enjoy them offline. Similarly, you are able to download Instagram photos and videos from regular posts for offline watching. 

Here I introduce you an easy tool – IOTransfer, which allows you to download videos from many popular sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and much more. Follow the guide on how to download multiple Instagram photos and videos all at once.

Step 1. Download and launch IOTransfer

Free download and install IOTransfer on your computer running Windows 7/8/8.1/10, and launch the program.

Free Download IOTransfer

Step 2. Choose Instagram photos or videos you want to download

Click the "TOOLS" icon at the top of the home page and tap on "Start" under "Instagram Downloader". Then paste the Instagram post URL into the blank bar and click the "Fetch" icon. 

multiple photos on one instagram story

multiple photos on one instagram story 


After tapping on “Fetch”, the thumbnail of Instagram post will be displayed on this page and then you can select multiple posts you would like to download.

Step 3. Start downloading

Just simply tap on the “Download” icon at the bottom of the screen to start downloading your selected Instagram posts.

 how to add multiple photos to one instagram story iphone

Free Download IOTransfer

Bottom Line:

With this simple guide, I hope you can easily add multiple photos to Instagram Story on iPhone and share it with your families, friends, and colleagues. Besides, to save many interesting Instagram posts on your iOS device with ease and enjoy them offline, IOTransfer, iOS 13 compatible, would be a good choice for you. Just free download it and try it now.

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