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Home > Tips > Optional Ways to Download Instagram Profile Photos in Full Size on PC/iPhone

Optional Ways to Download Instagram Profile Photos in Full Size on PC/iPhone

Since many tricks to download Instagram profile photos in full size on PC and iPhone have been proved to be invalid for Instagram has changed an undocumented implementation detail in recent years, read this tutorial and you can find the perfect solution.

Updated May 21,2018 | by Micky

As the most renowned site for videos/photos sharing on the internet, Instagram attracts millions of users around the world every day. Some of those users post so beautiful or handsome profile photos that dramatically grab your attention. You may want to back up those photos as superb collections or just store them for other purposes. However, you will find that to download Instagram profile photos in full size is not an easy job now because Instagram offers no options to view or download the full profile image. How to do it? Fortunately, this is the major topic we are going to discuss in the following contents.


Method 1 Download Instagram Profile Pictures with the URL Trick

Before we start with it, I must warn that this first method doesn’t necessarily work out because it’s said that the Instagram official has changed an undocumented implementation detail to avoid users from stealing others’ profile images for personal use. Last but not least, you should give it a shot.

1.       Go to the person’s Instagram homepage where there is the profile photo.

2.       Right click on his/her profile photo and copy the URL.


3.       Paste the URL in a new page and then replace “150*150” with ”1080*1080” and remove /vp/ from the link.

4.       Hit “Enter” to open the full image. If it doesn’t work, a notification “invalid URL signature” will be presented.

5.       Save the image to your PC by right-clicking on it and select “Save image as…”.


Method 2 Instagram Profile Download with Third-party Software

With Instagram Profile Picture Downloader, you just need the username of the person whose profile image you want to download.

1.       Download, install and launch Instagram Profile Picture Downloader on PC.

2.       Copy and paste the username into the given filed.


3.       Click on “Submit” and you can view the HD image of the user.

4.       Click on the download button to save the image to your PC.


5.       If you want to transfer the profile photo from your PC to iPhone, you can download this user-friendly iPhone transfer software to finish it within simply 2 steps!

Method 3 Directly Save Instagram Profile Images on iPhone

After reading “Method 2”, you can find that you cannot directly download photos from Instagram to iPhone without resorting to the help of another iPhone transfer software.

Gladly, the App - Qeek, provides the straightforward solution to downloading the profile image on your iPhone.

1.       Install and launch Qeek on iPhone, type the username onto the given filed and then select the desired person in the drop-down list.

2.       Tap on his profile image or “Fullscreen” to view it in the full size.


3.       Now you can zoom the profile picture up to 800% and save it by taking a screenshot since this App doesn’t give a video download option.

This is the most complete tutorial on how to download Instagram profile photos in full size on the internet that you cannot find a second one which has specifically given the 3 most practical methods.

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