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Home > Tips > iPhone Data to Google Drive – The Best Method for iPhone Google Drive Backup

iPhone Data to Google Drive – The Best Method for iPhone Google Drive Backup

If you don’t want to back up iPhone data to iCloud anymore, you might as well consider iPhone Google Drive backup. So, in this tutorial, I am going to exhaustively explain how to back up iPhone data to Google drive instead of iCloud and bring another more practical method for iPhone backup.

Updated Mar 14,2018 | by Micky

Google drive is an online cloud storage service which provides 15GB free storage space for its users. Both local client version and online version are available. You can have free access to Google Drive on your iDevices and save your iPhone or iPad data like using iCloud after downloading Google Drive APP. In the following passages, I will briefly introduce the way for iPhone Google Drive backup.

1.       On your iDevice, open Google Drive

2.       Tap Add+.

3.       Tap Upload.

4.       Find and tap the files you want to upload.

·To upload videos or photos to Google Drive, tap the files you want and tap Upload.

5.       You’ll see a status bar at the bottom. Tap Locate to view your file.


Google Drive seems to be more user-friendly compared with its counterpart iCloud and iTunes. But still, there are many critical issues remaining.

Error 1: “Temporary(502)”

Solution: In this case, you must click on a different section of Google Drive to refresh the files.

Error 2: “The Google Drive Server encounters an error”

Solution: Now, you need to reconnect when you are prompted.

Error 3: “An unknown issue occurred and Google Drive needs to quit”

Solution: Sign in/out and try again.

It wastes too much time If these errors pop up every time you use Google Drive for iPhone backup and those idiotic solutions above doesn’t seem to necessarily help either. It should be reasonable to guess that Google Drive is not compatible enough with iOS platform. Meanwhile, the upload speed with Google drive is dramatically restrained by your local network condition. It may take hours to upload a single file or more ridiculously, Google Drive just sits there spinning if your network sucks. So, you may be asking whether there is an alternative way to store your iDevice data instead of iPhone to Google Drive backup.

The Best Alternative to iPhone to Google Drive Backup

If you are seeking a convenient, mature and offline tool to back up your iPhone data within only a few clicks, iPhone manager should fit the bill best. Instead of a Wi-Fi connection, you just need to connect your iPhone to PC via a USB cable and then you can transfer any data from the iPhone to PC for backup. You will be no longer bothered by backup speed and a 100% successful transferring process can be promised as well.

Free download the ultimate iPhone transfer software as a better alternative to iPhone to Google Drive Backup.

 How to Back up iPhone Data to PC within Steps

Step 1

Install and launch IOTransfer, wait until the device gets recognized, and click on MANAGE on the top of the main interface.


Step 2

In the opened panel, you will find the files of different items such as Photos, Music, and Videos… Select the file you want to back up and click on “Export”, within a few seconds, you can find the files in the corresponding APP on your iPhone.


Only 2 steps, pretty simple compared with iCloud and Google Drive, right? Free download IOTransfer iPhone Manager because this is your best choice for the quickest iDevice data backup!

More Practical Features You May Be Fond of

1.       Clean cache on your iPhone and iPad with one click only.

2.       Download videos from mainstream sites like YouTube and Dailymotion.

3.       Manage APPs on your iPhone.

4.       Back up contacts in case of loss

5.       Delete extra files and APPS to make more space.

6.    Convert HEIC Photos to JPG

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