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Home > Tips > How to Backup iPhone to Google Drive and Its Better Alternative

How to Backup iPhone to Google Drive and Its Better Alternative

Google Drive is a cloud storage service by Google for PC, iOS, and Android backup with a 15 GB free storage. Many users complain about its inconvenience and defects and in this tutorial, I will explain how to backup iPhone to Google Drive and introduce its best alternative.

Updated Mar 20,2018 | by Micky

Part 1 What is Google Drive and How to Backup iPhone to Google Drive

Question: "Can you backup iPhone to Google Drive? I want to change my phone, but there is too much important data that I'm afraid they will be lost. Is there any way to keep them safely?

Google Drive is a cloud storage service launched by Google on April 24, 2012. With Google Drive, people can backup a variety of files including photos and contacts from one of their devices to another. Google Drive offers both website and its App for offline service which should have been convenient for its users. However, complaints around the world keep coming since its first release such as the bad net connection, the incomplete file deletion, the slow detection and upload, the horrible interface and so on (See feedbacks from Google Drive users:!topic/drive/ZzLLF3xUxME). But anyway, since there are many persons asking how to back iPhone up on Google Drive on the internet, I will make it as clear as possible to explain the way for iPhone Google Drive backup.

How can I Backup My iPhone to Google Drive

1.       Make sure your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi.

2.       On your iPhone, download, install and launch Google Drive App.

3.       On the top left, tap the strip icon Menu.

4.       Tap Settings on the top.

5.       Tap Backup and then, tap Start Backup to launch the process.

After it’s done, you can view the backup contents across all of your devices.

How to back up iPhone to Google Drive

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Part 2 An Amazing Google Drive Alternative for iPhone Backup

Since there are so many people complaining about Google Drive’s inconvenience and shortcomings, it seems necessary to choose a better alternative. If you are seeking a simpler, safer and faster iPhone transfer software that's not restrained by local network condition, IOTransfer perfectly fits the bill.

With this versatile iPhone manager, you are able to transfer videos, music, contacts, PDFs, and Apps between different iDevices and PC for backup or other purposes. It takes no more than 2 steps to finish a complete iOS backup. Pay attention, because of its offline nature, the backup speed will not be your concern.

Moreover, if you want to download online videos, convert videos or make GIFs, IOTransfer is also the best choice that contains these brand-new features.

Free Download the ultimate IOTransfer software to backup iPhone data in an easier way than Google Drive.

How to Backup iPhone with IOTransfer within Only 2 Steps

Step 1 Preparation Before the Backup Begins

Install and launch IOTransfer, connect your iPhone to PC via a USB cable and wait until the iPhone gets recognized. Tap on “Trust” if the notification "Trust This Computer?" pops up.



If your iPhone can't be read by the program, please try disconnecting it from your computer and reconnecting them again.

Step 2 Select the Files You Want to Backup

After the iPhone is recognized by the program, you can directly backup all photos, music, videos, and contacts by setting a transfer path and clicking on the blue button “Transfer to PC” on the main interface. But if you want to select a certain sort of file, you should click on "MANAGE" in the top toolbar. On the opened page, choose from the tablets on the left, for example, "Photos". Select the photos you want to backup from the right list. Then, click on "Import" to start the backup process. 

Wait a few seconds before the backup process gets fishined.



If you want to use the feature of AirTrans to enjoy the wireless iPhone backup/transfer, please download the App first on your iPhone and then, sync it with IOTransfer.

How to backup iPhone to Google Drive - Conclusion

Now, I believe you have figured out what should be the best choice when it comes to iPhone backup - to enjoy a high-speed iOS file transfer, free download the ultimate iPhone transfer software to have a try!

In the future, if you have more questions like "How to backup iMessages to Google Drive", we'll keep updating the software's features and make it more user-friendly.

More Special Features of IOTransfer Besides iPhone Backup to Google Drive

1.       Download videos from mainstream sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo.

2.       Clean your iDevice on regular basis to keep them in the best state.

3.       Transfer PDF files from PC to iBook.

4.       Delete unused Apps from iDevices to make save more space.

5.       Edit and add contacts to iPhone from PC.

6.    Convert HEIC Photos to JPG

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