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Home > Tips > iOS 13 Expanded Control Center - Using Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Smartly

iOS 13 Expanded Control Center - Using Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Smartly

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, as two most frequently used applications, which will change a lot during iOS update. Ahead of the official release, get to learn how to use these two apps from control center more conveniently.

Updated Aug 09,2019 | by Bennie

Apple launched iOS from June 29, 2007, with the very first iPhone. Since then, the mobile operating system has gone through some major upgrades. Every year in the summer, Apple has reinvented the OS, adding new features and redefining what’s possible on all its iDevices. This year is no exception. As all expected, iOS 13 is coming with a wide range of new features and will be released in the next month if nothing goes wrong.

Almost every iOS update will bring some changes to the control center, this time is not alone. Out of changes about control center, the smart Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features outstand due to the extended functions which make things easier and quicker. Well, how to use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in iOS 13? Keep reading.

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Before we go into more details about iOS 13 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, there is one thing we must remind you. If you can't wait to try out the beta version of iOS 13 and get a preview of the new system on your iPhone or iPad, please be sure to back up your data before installing iOS 13 since data loss is bound to happen every year. Next, let’s get started checking iOS 13 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

1. How to Toggle Wi-Fi Networks on iOS 13

You use Wi-Fi every day. Only when your iOS device is connected to the Wi-Fi network can you browse the web, watch videos, enjoy music, play games and do more go as you please. So, quickly enables Wi-Fi and connect to a stable network is what smartphone users want to do it in as little time as possible. Because of this, its connection steps are becoming simpler and more convenient with every iOS upgrade.

In iOS 12, you can quickly toggle Wi-Fi on and off from the control center on your iPhone iPad. If you connected your device to a Wi-Fi network before, it will be auto connected when you re-enter the coverage of that network and toggle it on. However, if you want to switch your Wi-Fi router, you have to leave the control center and go to the Settings app.

Compared to iOS 12, iOS 13 make things simpler. You can do it from the control center directly without opening the Settings app, continuously and concisely. Now, let’s see how.

Step 1 Pull up control center. Swiping down from the upper right corner of an iPhone X and later. Others swipe up from the bottom.

Step 2 Long-press on the four-icon platter to proceed.

Long-press on the Four-icon Platter

Step 3 Tap and hold (or 3D touch) on the Wi-Fi icon. A list of Wi-Fi networks will pop up in range. The currently connected Wi-Fi networks will be at the top of the list.

Long-press the Wi-Fi Icon

Step 4 Choose the one you want to connect to, and you're good to go.

Select a Network to Connect


If you get to a new place and try to connect your device for the first time, you’ll still be taken to the Settings app to make it by selecting the network and finish inputting the password.

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2. How to Set Bluetooth Connection on iOS 13

Simply taping on the Bluetooth button, you’ll toggle it off and on, just as you’ve always been able to do as before. While iOS 13 expands the new 3D Touch (or long-press) function to show devices and proceed to connect.

This expanded Bluetooth feature is similar on iOS 13. You’ll be allowed to enable Bluetooth, select a device and connect them without hunting down the Settings as well, get everything done in one place. Let's see how easy it is.

Step 1 Open the control center.

Step 2 Long-press on the four-icon platter.

Step 3 Long-press the Bluetooth icon. A list of nearby Bluetooth devices will show up.

Step 4 Tap the one you try to connect. Within a few seconds, it will finish connecting.

Long-press the Bluetooth Icon & Connect a Device


If you want to do more than simply connect and disconnect like Forget This Device, you’ll be taken to Bluetooth settings in the Settings app.

Actually, this new way to connect or disconnect Bluetooth isn’t necessarily fewer taps than going to Settings, but it could be a lot faster. At least, you don’t have to leave control center and to do the tedious operations like go to the Settings app, then open it, find the Bluetooth menu, and connect, etc. You can do everything in one place.

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The Bottom Line

That’s all about how to use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on iOS 13. You see, it is more convenient to set what you want. When comes to enhance users’ using experience, Apple always does well in most cases. Just be patient, the new iOS 13 and the next generation of iPhone coming soon. There are more iOS 13 awesome features waiting to be discovered.

Once again to remind you that if you want to install iOS 13 beta on your iPhone iPad ahead of the final version, ensure that you have made a full backup of your important data like precious photos, beloved videos, crucial contacts, most listened songs, often used documents, etc.

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