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Home > Tips > All the Apparent and Hidden Features Coming to iOS 13

All the Apparent and Hidden Features Coming to iOS 13

Surely you know that iOS 13 is coming in this fall and every iOS update comes out with a lot of new features. But you may don't know exactly what these features are and how they will change your life. Follow this post to see what’s new in iOS 13 and how it takes your iPhone to a new whole level.

Updated Jul 04,2019 | by Bennie

WWDC that comes around every year showcased the new iOS 13 on June 3 this year. The upcoming iOS 13 does make us feel excited, in addition to the performance improvements, a list of long-awaited and unexpected new features coming simultaneously, which make us enjoy using our iOS devices.

Focused on the performance, iOS 13 will let the iDevices run faster and more responsive. Other than the performance, iOS 13 new features also include the changes in Dark mode, Photos, Map, App, Siri, Control center, Reminders, etc. Besides these obvious awesome features, there are other hidden features need to be discovered during the using of new iOS13.

What’s New in iOS 13

Here’s a quick summary of 13 fascinating highlights and 9 hidden features you may unaware of. Now, follow us to know each of these nice features before the final release in September.

Part 1: 13 Fascinating Highlights of iOS 13

1. System-wide Dark Mode

The Dark mode is a long-expected function by its iPhone users, which become more expectant since Apple implemented Dark Theme in the last version of its desktop OS, MacOS Mojave. This eye-friendly mode replaces the usual light screen with a dark screen, which is perfect for low-light environments to reduce eye strain, as well as extend your phone’s battery time.

Moreover, it is seamlessly integrated throughout the system and available for almost all apps in iOS 13, from built-in apps to third-party apps. It will be simple to turn on from Control Center or set to automatically turn on at night.

2. Sign in with Apple

The new privacy feature called Sign in with Apple launched by Apple in this update to make it conveniently log into various accounts and apps without giving away your email address, better protecting your privacy.

Apple will never track or profile you when you sign in with Apple; meanwhile, it also blocks all other third-party software that tries to track your info by generating a unique, random email address when apps request one, making it easy to cut off communication later when you’re tired of all those marketing emails.

Above all, this feature works everywhere, applying for not just all your iOS devices, but also for web, apps on Android, and Windows.

iOS 13 - Sign in with Apple

3. Revamped Photos App

From the official page of Apple’s iOS 13, Apple lists out 29 features of Photos app that designed to make your photos and videos look better than ever. We’re not going to talk about all these features one by one, in a nutshell, all the features make a pretty significant overhaul of Photos app.

However, there are 3 outstanding points we have to focus on, they are:

  1. It enables you to better browse, find, relive and organize all your photos by offering the all-new Photos tab.

  2. It gives you the total control over how your pics look by providing photo editing tools to help you adjust everything you care most about a picture including the brightness, clarity, sharpen, white balance, filter, noise, etc.

  3. It makes it possible to use the entire picture editing tools on videos in the Photos app. What you can do with a picture, now you can do with a video, from trimming a clip to adjust everything like brightness, filter and so on.

4. Camera: Adjust Portrait Lighting & High-Key Mono

Almost every iOS upgrade, Apple makes significant and obvious changes to the Camera since it’s one of the key point people would take into consideration when deciding whether to buy a mobile phone or not. iOS 13 is no exception.

iOS 13 is going to bring important changes to camera features, starting with enabling you to change the intensity of light in Portrait Mode, which is something we've wanted for a while. Moving the light closer to your subject digitally enhances the effect to smooth skin, sharpen eyes, and brighten facial features.

iOS 13 also adds a new High-Key Mono Portrait Lighting effect that features a monochromatic subject on a white background.

iOS 13 - Adjust Portrait Lighting

5. Privacy and Security

iOS 13 beefs up security from third-party offenders by limiting the location data shared with apps. Starting with iOS 13, you can allow apps to access your location one time only or elect to have apps ask you every time. Apple will provide a notification when an app is using your location in the background so that you can decide whether to update your permission.

6. Revamped Maps App

In iOS 13, Maps is getting a much bigger update that offers more practical features such as Junction View for vehicle drivers, look around feature to show you 3D visual street view, updated Favorites option for better collecting and sharing, and a mode for sending your estimated time of arrival to family, friends or coworkers when you’re commuting.

iOS 13 - Immersive 3D Street View

7. New Reminders App

To competitive with various third-party to-do apps, this time Apple overhauled the Reminders app to make it more useful and better organized. The redesigned Reminders app features with four organized categories, a new quick toolbar, smart lists, enhanced Siri assistant and customized appearance preference.

iOS 13 brings these large refreshes of Reminders app, which makes it not only a reminding app to better keep a record of the important things of your life, but more like an intelligent assistant to better manage and organize various items for you.

8. New Siri Voice

Apple extends the support for Siri on its other devices like the AirPod to enable Siri to read incoming messages through Bluetooth earbuds, play music, podcasts and more with third-party apps, offers personalized suggestions in Maps and so on.

Besides these perks, the most notable feature of Siri in this iOS update is the improved and more natural voice. Siri gets its new voice that sounds less robotic and more like a real person, natural than ever, particularly while speaking longer phrases. Best of all, Siri adapts local conditions such as offering a new Indian English voice.

9. New ‘Find My’ App

As an iOS user, you must be very familiar with Find My iPhone and Find My Friends. In iOS 13, Apple combines these two applications as one called ‘Find My’ to help you locate people and devices that mean a lot to you.

What's really neat is that it'll use a crowd-sourced encrypted Bluetooth signal to help you locate a missing device that isn’t connected to Wi-Fi or cellular. That will be a big help when you losing your iPhone and have another Apple device at hand.

10. Quicker Wi-Fi Network Selection

Another long overdue feature iOS users have been begging Apple to change is the Wi-Fi connection. You know, that it’s not really convenient to turn off or change Wi-Fi network road in iOS 12, while Android does a great job of making it easier for users. That’s why iPhone users expect it for years which finally come around in iOS 13.

As long as you install iOS 13, you'll be able to select Wi-Fi networks right from the Control Center, without having to navigate away from your current app and dive into Settings app to finish more operations like before.

iOS 13 - Quicker Wi-Fi Network Connection

11. Smarter Bluetooth Switch

This new feature about Bluetooth switch is similar to the Wi-Fi change. With iOS 13 running on your iPhone or iPad, you can easily set the Bluetooth accessories right from Control Center.

To completely turn off Bluetooth, you need to tap on your iPhone with at least 3 times in iOS 12. Now, you can just swipe your iPhone up from the control center then with one click to make it hassle-free.

12. Quick Path Keyboard

Android users and iPhone users who used one of the Google keyboards on their iPhone know clearly that it is indeed so smooth and quick to just glide your finger across the keyboard to type out a word, whereas laborious to tap on each individual key. While Apple supports installing third-party keyboard apps like SwiftKey to make it quicker, it is certainly better to make its own keyboard capable of this functionality in it. iOS 13 brings it to come true, the new keyboard added this time called Quick Path Typing by Apple, which will be enabled by default after iOS 13 update.

Starting with iOS 13, you can enjoy a quicker typing by just place a finger on the keyboard and swipe, plus, you’ll be offering spelling suggestions as you go along. The more you use Quick Path, the better iOS 13 will be at determining what you're planning to say.

iOS 13 - Quick Path Keyboard

13. The iPad Gets Its Own OS

At long last, users’ expectations for making big changes on the iPad are finally coming in the update called iPadOS. Apple recognizes that the iPad needs its own platform and spinning off iOS into its separate operating system for iPads.

That means big improvements to your iPad workflow, starting with the home screen redesign. Pinned Widgets lets you add widgets from the Today View screen that left-mode screen on your iPad. So far, it's iPad-exclusive, and not coming to iOS13 for the iPhone. And, Slide Over lets you have multiple apps open and cycle through them like rolodex, which makes multi-tasking easier.

iOS 13 - iPad Gets Its Own OS

Part 2: 9 Hidden Features of iOS 13

Frankly, we haven't listed all the features that iOS 13 covers, what we talked about from the above are features we think are the most notable in this major update. In addition to these features, there are many hidden features that will be gradually discovered as using iOS 13 on iPhone iPad.

Next, let's take a look at 9 hidden features we've discovered so far, from better battery charging and dual-SIM cards support in iMessage, to using a mouse to control your iPhone or iPad. As we uncover more, the hidden feature list is sure to grow.

1. Optimized Battery charging

When it terms to lithium-ion batteries, actually, it’s not good to charge them up to 100 percent all the time. Keeping them juiced up that high is actually worse for their health, according to studies. Ideally, keeping a lithium-ion battery charged up to around 80 percent and only discharging it to around 20 percent is the best longevity. Doing so preserves your battery's health so it lasts longer.

In iOS 13, there's a new "Optimized Battery Charging" toggle within the battery settings, which "learns from your daily charging routine" before charging past 80 percent. If you normally charge overnight while you sleep, Optimized Battery Charging will keep your iPhone's battery at 80% for most of the night, finishing off the last 20% of charge right before your alarm goes off.

iOS 13 Hidden Features - Optimized Battery Charging

2. iMessage and FaceTime Support on Dual SIM Cards

In iOS 12, you can only use iMessage and FaceTime on one designated number. While in iOS 13, both services work on both SIM cards. That is to say, if you have two active SIM cards in your devices, you can send and receive iMessages from both numbers in iOS 13. The same also goes for making and receiving FaceTime calls.

3. Search iPhone with Voice

Anywhere you find a search bar in Apple's own apps, like Settings, Mail, or Messages, you'll notice that there's now a microphone icon on the far-right side. Tap on that icon to enter your search query by voice, instead of having to type it out.

4. Perspective Adjustment in Photos

In addition to the many new photo effect adjustment tools Apple's added to the Photos app we’ve mentioned before, another two hidden new tools for adjusting perspective are not to be missed. That is the ability to adjust the x-axis and y-axis skew for a photo, which can be found within the crop tool when editing a photo or video.

5. New Volume Indicator

Another feature you may not aware of it the change of volume indicator. When you watching YouTube or Netflix, the pop up won't take over your screen anymore since it becomes much smaller in iOS 13 and slides in from the side. As you adjust the volume, it shrinks down to just a small line, all but hiding as you find the right volume level.

6. Low Data Mode

The Low Power Mode in iOS 9 is so welcomed thanks to its big help in extending more battery life for those times your iPhone is running low on power, iOS 13 brings something similar for data.

In iOS 13, there is a new low data mode can make apps reduce their network data usage on your iPhone. This is great for most users especially those who have a limited data plan.

7. Removes Size Limits on Cellular Downloads

Well, if the Low Data Mode helps you save data, this one may cause you to overuse it. Why? Previously, iOS only allowed you to download apps on cellular as long as they were below 150 MB. In iOS 12, its limit upped to 200 MB, but in iOS 13, no limit anymore.

When you trying to download something over 200 MB, you’ll get a message tells you what you’re doing right now and two options, skip it and go ahead the downloading anyway, or download it later when connecting to a Wi-Fi.

8. Mouse Control Supported on iPhone

In iOS 13, you can use a mouse to control your iPhone now, which is no longer unique to iPad.

9. Remove Apps from the Update List

Besides removing an app by pressing and holding its icon until it wiggles afterward tap on "x" to finish it, in iOS 13, you’ll be providing another way to delete apps: from the update list in App Store. When you’re updating apps in the App Store, you can delete seldom-used or unwanted apps by swiping left to delete it. No more hunting down apps on your home screen.

iOS 13 Hidden Features - Remove Apps from the Update List

The Bottom Line

These are the main iOS 13 new features that we selected for you. For the released version of the new OS is still the beta version, there may still some new features in the upcoming official version in September. Hope this article can render you some useful information about the iOS 13 new features. If you’re so into iOS 13, you can go to Apple’s preview page to learn more or install iOS 13 on your device to experience it by yourself.

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