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Home > Tips > iOS 12 Privacy Security Preview – Safer User Experience When Using iPhone

iOS 12 Privacy Security Preview – Safer User Experience When Using iPhone

To protect users private data has been Apple’s major concern for long. This time, we’re going to have a preview of the newest iOS 12 privacy security techniques and see what changes will be brought.

Updated Aug 31,2018 | by Micky

For iPhone users, privacy security is one of the most concerned things. Nowadays, many websites, third-party software, and even law enforcement agencies can easily have access to your personal information by different means such as tracking down cookies and hacking. But in this iOS 12 privacy security preview, we’re going to see what differences Apple has made to make things better, giving its users more secure approaches to using iPhone.

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How Does Safari Protect Your Private Information in iOS 12

It’s has been a severe problem for netizens to get tracked by websites they’re browsing. To ensure the safety of its users’ private information, Apple beefed up Safari’s privacy protection feature in iOS 12.

This newest Safari version will automatically prevent share and like buttons (If you interact with these 2 kinds of buttons, Safari will warn that if proceeding, you might get tracked), widgets, and comment sections from tracking you without your permission. Meanwhile, Safari will also stop any advertisers from illegally collecting your device’s characteristics and sending ads you don’t want.

Based on this great improvement of Safari, users can surf the internet in a more relaxed mood.

A Tutorial That May Help: How to Clear Safari Cache on iPhone

How Does iOS 12 Two-Factor Authentication Make Things Easier

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) doubly improves the privacy security of your iPhone App and other services by sending you a 6-digit pin number.

In the past, you have to quit what you’re doing, navigate to the message board, copy the PIN number and then paste it where it should be. It literally brings us too much inconvenience.

But now, in iOS 12, the auto-fill feature perfectly solves this problem. When the 2FA code comes, it will be automatically transferred to the App that requests it (External 2FA Apps like Google Authenticator is not supported by this feature).


Why Is the USB Restricted Model So Helpful in Privacy Protection

In the past, law enforcement agencies and thieves can bypass the password on iPhone’s lock screen by using some third-party USB unlocking tools like Cellebrite and GraShitft. After numbers of wrong attempts on the PIN number, your iPhone can be finally breached through.

To deal with this issue. Apple added a brand new feature in iOS 12 – the USB Restricted Mode. Once your iPhone stays unused for over 1 hour, it will ask for a password you previously set when the phone gets connected to a computer via a USB cable.

To enable or disable this feature, go to “Settings” > “Touch ID & Passcode” and toggle on/off “USB Accessories”.


Bottom Line

The 3 features above are the most practical ones in privacy protection in iOS 12. Hopefully, you can learn what is really useful from this tutorial and use your iPhone in a safer way in the future.

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