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Home > Tips > [Solved] How to Watch YouTube without Data Charges on iPhone

[Solved] How to Watch YouTube without Data Charges on iPhone

Don’t worry about the data loss when watching YouTube videos anymore, because this time, I will tell you guys how to watch YouTube without data charges on iPhone by offering a super effective tool for offline YouTube video watching.

Updated Apr 26,2018 | by Micky

How to watch YouTube without using data? Nowadays, as the rapid development of public communication services, more and more people tend to use 3G and even 4G data to watch videos online on their iPhones which can be pretty smooth compared with the previous 2G service. However, to watch online videos like YouTube is a really data-consuming thing as we all know. So, users must be wondering whether there is a way to watch YouTube videos with less data on iPhone?

Luckily, in this tutorial, I have prepared the best solutions to this issue! 

How to watch YouTube without data charges

Solution 1 Download YouTube Videos for An Offline Visual Experience

How to watch YouTube without data on iPhone? I think you have already gotten the very answer in your mind – downloading YouTube videos to your iPhone for an offline visual experience.

Why is it the best choice to save iPhone data when watching YouTube videos on iPhone? Because in this way, users cannot only watch YouTube videos without any data loss but also, they can avoid YouTube videos from constant buffering and stuttering when network condition gets really bad.

How to directly download YouTube videos to your iPhone is a question people frequently ask. As we all know, there are hundreds of YouTube video downloaders in the market. However, most of them only allow downloading online videos on PC, and if you want to transfer the videos to iPhone you have to seek for another software for iPhone transfer. So, is there any better alternative?

The answer is sure! IOTransfer, the most versatile and user-friendly iPhone transfer software, provides the most efficient feature to directly download YouTube videos to iPhone within only a few clicks. No quality loss and 100% safe without any disturbances from pop-up ads, malware, and Trojan attack, you can download any videos from YouTube including those encrypted ones.

How to watch YouTube without using data? Free download the best YouTube video downloader and directly copy YouTube videos to iPhone to enjoy without data consumption.

How to Directly Download YouTube Videos to iPhone

Step 1 Preparation before YouTube Video Download

Install and launch IOTransfer, connect your iPhone to PC via a USB cable and wait until it’s recognized. If the notification “Trust This Computer?” pops up, just tap on “Trust” on your iPhone's display.


Step 2 Begin YouTube to iPhone Video Download

Click on “VIDEOS”, copy and paste the link to the YouTube video onto the blank area beside “URL:”. Then, preset an output folder for the downloaded video after clicking on “Browse…”.  Lastly, tick off “Automatically transfer downloaded videos into your iOS device.” and hit button “Download”. In a short time, you can find the download video both in the folder you previously set on PC and in the video App on your iPhone. Now, you can watch YouTube without any data charges


Solution 2 Turn Down YouTube Video Quality

A higher resolution or a higher frame rate usually predicts more cost of data when watching YouTube videos online on your iPhone. So, the simplest way to reduce iPhone data usage is to turn down the video quality. For example, change 1080P to 720P or convert a 60fps video to 30fps. In this way, you can certainly watch YouTube videos with less data comsumed.


Solution 3 Use An App for iPhone Data Saving

There are many applications for data saving in the market, for example, Opera Max App, which is able to save up to 60% of your data by reducing the data usage on your phone when streaming online videos.

Solution 4 Set up A Limit on iPhone Data Usage with Third-Party Software

iPhone doesn’t provide you any options to set a limit on data use. In this case, you must use some third party software like My Data Manager to finish this job. They will keep tracking the data use every day and alert you before you use up your iPhone data. However, most of them are not accurate enough.


Bottom Line

You must have already known how to watch YouTube without using data or without using much data after my detailed explanation. So, now it’s time to have some practices - come to free download the most powerful YouTube video downloader to have a try on your own!

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