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Home > Tips > Why Is YouTube So Slow – How to Make YouTube Playback Smoother

Why Is YouTube So Slow – How to Make YouTube Playback Smoother

Why is YouTube so slow? I am going to provide you with some most effective ways to solve this issue in the following tutorial.

Updated Jul 19,2018 | by Micky

Q: Why is YouTube so slow that it stops playing every few seconds?

A bad YouTube video playback like buffering and stuttering can be caused for different reasons. For example, a bad local network condition, too many cache files on your device, or overload server. So, are there any ways to solve this problem? Fortunately, in the following paragraphs, some practical ways will be given for troubleshooting.


Method 1 Download YouTube Videos for Offline Watching

Why is YouTube running so slow? Most of the time, that YouTube videos keep buffering is simply caused by a bad network connection. If you neither want to change your home router nor to upgrade the network by costing extra money, to download YouTube videos might be a better choice. IOTransfer iPhone transfer software allows its users to download videos of YouTube, Dailymotion, Twitch, Vimeo, and other mainstream video sites to both your computer and your iPhone almost simultaneously which is a great convenience. Even if your local internet speed is not quick enough, it won’t take too long to finish the video download process for the latest advanced acceleration technique has been applied! More than video download, it also supports wireless iOS data transfer between iPhone, iPad, iPod, and PC.

To fix YouTube buffering and stuttering, free download the most cost-effective software to download the videos for offline watching

Download YouTube Videos to PC/iPhone within 3 Steps

Step 1

Install and open the program of IOTransfer on the computer, connect the iPhone to it via a USB cable and wait until it’s verified. After the notification “Trust This Computer” pops up, click on “Trust” to continue.


Step 2

Click on “VIDEOS” at the top of the main interface and then you will see the video download panel. Paste the video’s link unto the given blank area beside “URL:”, tick off the tiny box before the sentence “Automatically transfer the downloaded videos into your iOS device”. Finally, remember to preset a download path by clicking on “Download Location”.


Step 3

Click on the big blue button to begin the video download process. After the video download is completed, wait until the circling around the iPhone icon stop. Then, you can find the downloaded video in both the folder you previously set and in the video App on your iPhone.


Method 2 Change URL

There is another way worthy to try and that is the URL trick. I don’t know the real reason why this works but indeed, it works out sometimes and many people also recommend to have a try.

So, here is how it looks.

1.       Navigate to the problematic YouTube video you want to watch.

2.       Replace “www” in the URL with “ca” and hit “Enter” on your keyboard to refresh the page.

Method 3 Decrease the Video Resolution

Why are YouTube videos so slow? Maybe, you are just overconfident with your home’s network speed. Try decreasing the YouTube videos’ resolution from 4K and 1080P to 720P which can make a big difference. If you are using a screen of regular size, the output quality won’t be changed too much.


Method 4 Clear Website Cookies

We all know that every time we view a website on Google, cookies are generated in order to save website data like passwords and other information. However, if cookies are accumulated too much, the search engine can be clogged up that it takes longer time to open a page, download an App and also, it makes online video playback slower. If that’s what bothers you, maybe it’s time to clear some cookies.

1.       Launch Chrome on your PC.

2.       At the top right, click on the 3-dot button.

3.       Click on “More Tools” > Clear browsing data.

4.       Choose a time range, and if you want to delete all cookies, select “All Time”.

5.       Check the boxes beside “Cookies and other site data”.

6.       Click on “Clear Data”

Why is YouTube so slow? Hopefully, you have got the answers you want and obtain the best ways to fix it after reading this tutorial. Free try the simple but effective way to download YouTube videos to your iPhone/PC for the smoothest visual experience!

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