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Home > Tips > 2 Steps to Fix YouTube Won’t Play Videos YouTube Video Keeps Buffering

2 Steps to Fix YouTube Won’t Play Videos YouTube Video Keeps Buffering

What should you do when YouTube won’t play videos and YouTube video keeps buffering? The best solution will be given in this tutorial to fix most of the YouTube video playback glitches. Carry on and have a try!

Updated Apr 16,2018 | by Micky

YouTube is a video sharing and uploading website established in 2005 where you can display your own videos, find any video resources or whatever you want. But YouTube is not always perfect.  For sometimes, glitches like YouTube won’t play videos occur in the course of a playback and users have no ideas how to deal with it. So, in this tutorial, I will explain what might cause the problem of “YouTube Videos won’t play” and offer the best solution to fix it.


How to Fix it When YouTube Won’t Play Videos

Most of the time when YouTube will not play videos, you must be suffering from a really bad network condition where you are. It will be difficult and unnecessary to change your router in order to have a smooth video playback. To avoid such a problem, to watch YouTube videos offline should be the best choice. In this case, you will need to resort to an efficient video downloader which can help you download YouTube videos so that you can watch them without any disturbance from disconnection or video buffering and loading. On this point, IOTransfer iPhone transfer software – the most versatile iPhone manager and video download tool - should suit your needs best. Within clicks, not only can you download a lossless YouTube video to PC, but also, you can directly download it to any iOS devices. The only thing you need to do is to copy and paste the video’s URL, and then, you can begin the downloading process.

What if YouTube videos will not play? Stop trying to figure it out and just free download the best video downloader to have a smooth offline visual experience.

How to Download YouTube Videos within 2 Steps

Step 1 Preparation before YouTube Video Download

Install and launch IOTransfer. If you want to download the problematic YouTube video to both iPhone and PC, connect your iPhone to PC and wait until it’s recognized. If you’re prompted to trust your PC, just confirm it.


Step 2 Begin YouTube Video Download

Go to “Videos”, copy and paste the link of the YouTube video onto the blank area beside “URL:”, preset an output folder to save the video downloaded, and then click on “Automatically transfer the downloaded videos into your iOS device.”. Click on “Download” to start the YouTube video downloading process. In a few seconds, you can find the downloaded video both in the folder you previously set on PC and in your iPhone’s video App. 


Other Solutions That Might Help When YouTube Won’t Play Videos

1.       Clear your cache and web browser cookies to make programs including YouTube run faster.

2.       Keep your YouTube up to date. Install the latest version which may contain a patch to fix YouTube video playback issue.

3.       Try disconnecting and reconnecting your wireless network and go to check whether it works.

4.       Decrease video resolution if YouTube videos keep buffering and stuttering.

Now, I believe you have already known what you should do when YouTube won’t play videos. Free download this powerful YouTube video downloader and enjoy a smooth offline visual experience on PC and iPhone.

What More Benefit IOTransfer Has for You

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2.       Transfer PDF from PC to iBook on iPhone.

3.       Back up data of all iDevices.

4.       Transfer MP3 from PC to iPhone within clicks.

5.       Clear cache and junk files on iPhone.

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