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Home > Tips > [Detailed Guide] How to Download Instagram Photos on iPhone

[Detailed Guide] How to Download Instagram Photos on iPhone

Instagram App doesn’t offer any options for photo download so how to download Instagram photos on iPhone or other iOS devices? In this tutorial, the top 3 solutions to this issue will be given!

Updated May 15,2018 | by Micky

Instagram is a social communication App released in October 2010 for users to share videos and photos. It enables us to add filter effects to the photos taken by our phone cameras and share them on social network platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and the server of Instagram.

Every time when surfing Instagram, we can find quite a lot of photography works among which there can be some masterpieces. So, what if we wanted to save them as our superb collections on our iPhone or iPad? Since

Instagram doesn’t provide any photo download options, we must seek some solutions on our own.

How to download Instagram photos on iPhone? In the following contents, up to 3 most practical methods will be given.


Method 1. Download Instagram Photos iPhone via Screen Capture

The reason why I rank it as the first method is that most people can think of it, and also, it’s the most straightforward way for Instagram photo download. But in case that some users don’t know the specific steps yet, let’s follow the detailed steps below.

Notice: We are taking iPhone X for example.

1.       Long press the side button on the right of your iPhone

2.       Immediately click on the volume up button on the left and then release both the buttons.

3.       Go to the photo App on your iPhone and then enter the screenshot section.

4.       Tap on the photo you just shot and tap on “Edit” on the upper right.


5.       Tap on the crop icon which looks like a square with an arrow circling around.

6.       Press and drag the edges of the photo on the screen to for resizing and cutting extra parts.

7.       Tap on “Done” when satisfied.


Method 2. How Can I Download Instagram Photos by Doing the “URL Trick”

Screen capture seems to be a direct way for Instagram photo & picture download. However, it makes it much more complicated to crop a photo every time after shooting it. Gladly, there is a better alternative for you – to download Instagram photos iOS via URL.

1.       Go to the photo you want to download on Instagram.

2.       Tap on “…” on the upper right and press “Copy Share URL”.

3.       Go to Safari, paste and go to the URL you copied before.

4.       Long press the Instagram photo you want to download and tap on “Copy”


5.       Open the note App on your iPhone and create a new note. Long press to paste the photo.

6.       Tap the share button and then tap “Save Image”.


Now you can find the downloaded Instagram photo in the cameral roll.

Method 3. Save Instagram Photos on iPhone with A Third-party Instagram Photo Downloader

After going through the 2 methods above, you will find that they are both sort of complicated for too many steps required. Is there any simpler way to save Instagram photos within only a few taps? Then, InstaSave might be your best choice which fits this bill best. Now, let me show you how brief and simple InstaSave is in downloading photos from Instagram.

1.       Go to the Instagram photo you want to save and copy its URL (do what I told in Method 2).

2.       Install and launch InstaSave and paste the URL onto the program. Tap on the save button to store the Instagram photos to iPhone camera roll.

How to download Instagram photos on iPhone? Select the best way in terms of your own needs!

Tip: If you want to transfer these iPhone photos to other iOS devices or MAC, you can try IOTransfer iPhone transfer software.

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