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Home > Tips > The Best Way to Fix Twitch Black Screen and Twitch Not Loading

The Best Way to Fix Twitch Black Screen and Twitch Not Loading

Sometimes problems like Twitch black screen and Twitch not loading occur when using Twitch. How to fix these 2 problems effectively? The best method will be offered for a smooth Twitch visual experience on PC and iPhone.

Updated Apr 16,2018 | by Micky

How to handle Twitch black screen and Twitch not loading issues? Nowadays, Twitch is the most popular well-known website for PC/console game video stream. People can play games in front of viewers around the world regardless of their status and colors, and also, viewers can pick their favorite players to enjoy and admire their playing skills. However, Twitch doesn’t necessarily properly work all the time, problems like Twitch not loading videos and black screen (a given example) are 2 common issues users suffer from. In the following contents, I will mainly discuss how to solve these 2 Twitch video not working issues with the most practical method.


Some Basic Methods to Fix Twitch Black Screen

  1. Sometimes, Twitch black screen happens for your ISP(Internet Service Provider) has switched your net to IPv6 protocol which is not supported by Twitch. So, what you should do is to contact the provider and ask them to revert it back.

  2. In some cases, mismatched DNS can cause the Twitch black screen issue. You need to change the DNS settings on your PC to make it compatible. For detailed information, you can read how to change DNS settings on PC.

  3. Install VLC and close the browser. Then reopen the browser and try again. Maybe it's caused by incomplete video codec on your PC.

Practical Way to Solve Twitch Black Screen/Twitch Not Loading

The Twitch not working issues are mainly caused by network problems like DNS and IPV 6 glitch. To fix them, the best solution is to download Twitch videos to your PC for an offline visual experience. But how to do that since we all know Twitch doesn’t give any video downloading options.

Luckily, although we cannot directly download videos on Twitch, to take a third-party video downloading program is a pretty feasible alternative. 

IOTransfer comes to be the best choice when facing Twitch video downloading. Safe and user-friendly, within only a few clicks, you can directly download Twitch videos to your PC losslessly without any disturbance like pop-up ads and annoying server crash when using its counterparts like VideoGrabby and KeepVid.

Downloading Twitch Videos to Solve Twitch Black Screen

Step 1

Launch and install IOTransfer, connect your iPhone to PC via a USB cable and wait until the device gets detected. When the notification “Trust This Computer” pops up, tap on “Trust” to continue.


Step 2

Click on the VIDEO tag at the top. In the menu, paste the link to your wanted Twitch video next to “URL:”. Tick off the tiny box before “Automatically transfer the downloaded videos into your iOS device” and also, don’t forget to preset a download path in “Download Location”.


Step 3

Click on the download button to start the process. After the download is completed, wait until the circling around the iPhone icon stops. Now, you can find the downloaded video in both the folder you previously set and in the video App on your iPhone.


What should you do when Twitch black screen and Twitch not loading occur? I believe you have already had the answer after working your way thorough the contents above. Why not have a free try now for a smoother offline Twitch visual experience?

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