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Home > Tips > YouTube to WAV Converter - Convert YouTube to WAV with 2 Methods

YouTube to WAV Converter - Convert YouTube to WAV with 2 Methods

Are you looking for ways to convert YouTube to WAV? The article lists two simple methods to convert YouTube to WAV with easy YouTube to WAV converter. Choose the one that suits you best.

Updated Dec 06,2018 | by Joy

Many users prefer to download YouTube to MP3 format. However, sometimes you might ask if it is possible to convert YouTube to WAV for personal use. Can we complete the conversion without affecting any content or quality of the video? The answer is definitely yes. In this article, we will show you 2 simple methods to complete the conversion with easy YouTube to WAV converter.

YouTube to WAV Converter

What is WAV? Why Do I Need to Convert YouTube to WAV?   

Before the detailed guide, let’s take a few seconds to know what the WAV format is. Waveform Audio File Format, also known as WAV, is a standard audio file format for PCs created by Microsoft and IBM. In general, it is much better to enjoy your favorite songs in WAV format, as it is an uncompressed music format with great compatibility and excellent quality. Therefore, in addition to converting YouTube video to MP3, you can also convert it to WAV format with an easy YouTube to WAV converter.

Now, let me introduce you two simple methods to complete the conversion. The first method allows you to convert it online. If you don’t want to download and install any software to your PC, you can try this way. However, you can do it with a faster speed in the second method without any annoying ads. It all depends on you.

Method 1. Convert YouTube to WAV with Online Video Converter - Lower Speed & Annoying Ads

SaveClipBro is a free online YouTube to WAV converter, which enables you to download YouTube videos or other videos from many popular sites and convert videos to the compatible formats. Let’s see how to use it with ease.

Step 1. Go to the official website of SaveClipBro and copy the YouTube video URL into the blank bar shown below. Tap on “START” button. 

YouTube to WAV converter

Step 2. In the popup window, choose WAV as your output format in “Extract AUDIO”. Then click “Convert” to start the conversion. 

YouTube to WAV converter

Step 3. After the conversion, click “Download your file” button to save it to your computer.  

Convert YouTube to WAV


Online YouTube to MAV converter can be the simplest way to complete the conversion. However, you will be a bit disappointed by its low speed and annoying ads. It also takes much time to download the files to PC. Just check the method 2 to solve these problems.

Method 2. Convert YouTube to WAV with Video Converter for PC – Fast & Reliable

To avoid these disadvantages, you can install a reliable third-party software to your computer. Here you can try IOTransfer, which is an easy tool allowing you to quickly complete the conversion without any annoying ads. You can also transfer the converted videos to iPhone or iPad and enjoy them everywhere. Follow the guide now.


Before the YouTube video conversion, you first need to download YouTube Videos to PC. If you have already saved many YouTube videos on your computer, just skip this guide and follow the steps below.

Free download IOTransfer and install it to your Windows 7/8/8.1/10. Now all things are ready for the video conversion.

Step 1. Open this tool on your PC. Click “VIDEOS” tab at the top menu and then click “Converter” in the left list. Tap on “Add Files” to choose YouTube video you want to convert. Do not forget to choose WAV as your output format. 

YouTube to WAV converter

Step 2. Click “Convert Now”. It only takes a few seconds to complete the conversion. Then you can find your converted video in “Finished”

>>Watch this tutorial video for more details.


IOTransfer also allows users to wirelessly transfer videos to iPhone or iPad so that you can enjoy them on your commute without the need to connect the Cellular Data.

Detailed Comparison Chart of the Two Methods Above

After you read these two methods, you are free to choose one based on your own needs. If you do not know what to choose, take a close look at the comparison table below.

Online Video ConverterIOTransfer
Fast speedcross_16x16.pngcheck_16x16.png
No adscross_16x16.pngcheck_16x16.png
Clean interface
Transfer to iPhonecross_16x16.pngcheck_16x16.png
Video downloadcheck_16x16.pngcheck_16x16.png
More supported formatscross_16x16.pngcheck_16x16.png

Bottom Line:

Hope the above two methods can help you easily convert YouTube to WAV with your ideal YouTube to WAV converter. The first way is obviously the easiest method to complete the conversion, but there are many disadvantages, which you can see from the comparison table. Why not download IOTransfer and try the second method? I'm sure you'll like it. 

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