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Home > Tips > Convert HEIC to JPG in Bulk with Free Online HEIC Converter

Convert HEIC to JPG in Bulk with Free Online HEIC Converter

Free online HEIC converter to help you convert HEIC to JPG in bulk. This article will show you how to convert HEIC to JPG with a free online HEIC converter.

Updated Mar 01,2018 | by Niko

After updating to the latest iOS 11, you may notice that Apple adopts a new way to store photos. All iPhone photos captured by the Camera Roll will be saved in HEIC format. Many of you actually are unfamiliar with this format, and wonder what is HEIC and the benefits of using HEIC format.

HEIC (Efficient Image File Format) is a new advanced format developed by MPEG. Compared to the most-commonly used JPG, HEIC shows very obvious advantage. Photos in HEIC format ensure higher qualities and smaller file sizes.  

You can view HEIC photos on your iPhone and iPad in iOS 11 without any problem. But so far, Windows and many other popular applications and software still don't support HEIC format and that makes iPhone HEIC photos cannot be properly opened with the built-in picture viewer. It’s meaningless, even if you backup iPhone photos to PC.

Now a free online HEIC converter comes to help you convert HEIC to JPG in bulk in no time. Let's see how this online HEIC converter works.

Convert HEIC to JPG Online

IOTransfer free online HEIC converter is easy to use. Simply drag and drop HEIC photos, and it will convert HEIC to JPG in bulk automatically. At the same time, you are able to save all the converted JPG photos to your PC or iPhone with 1 click.

Here is how to convert HEIC to JPG in bulk with free online HEIC converter.

Step 1. Go to HEIC to JPG Converter Online page as shown in the below.

heic-to-jpg-converter online-1.jpg

Step 2. Upload or drag and drop HEIC photo files to begin the conversion.

You may be tired of uploading HEIC photos one by one. This free online HEIC to JPG converter allows you to upload and convert HEIC to JPG in bulk. You can upload up to 50 HEIC photos.

heic-to-jpg-converter online-2.jpg

heic-to-jpg-converter online-3.jpg

Step 3. Upload multiple HEIC photo files you want to convert to JPG format, they will be converted to JPG automatically. Click “Save All” button to save all the converted JPG photo files to your computer. 

heic-to-jpg-converter online-4.jpg

Now, you have successfully converted iPhone HEIC photos to JPG with this online HEIC converter.

Bottom Line

In this guide, we have introduced you an online free converter, and you can make full use of it to easily and quickly convert HEIC photos to JPG in bulk. If you want to transfer or backup HEIC photos, try IOTransfer to copy HEIC photos between iPhone and computer without limitation.


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