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Home > Tips > How to Back up Photos with iCloud - Backup iPhone Photo to iCloud

How to Back up Photos with iCloud - Backup iPhone Photo to iCloud

In this article, I will explain how to back up photos with iCloud in the briefest way that even a newbie can understand and bring you a brand new multifunctional iOS transferring tool as a better iCloud alternative.

Updated Feb 27,2018 | by Bennie

Some Basic Knowledge of iCloud

iCloud is a powerful online cloud service created by Apple where you can store contacts, photos and other files from your iOS devices. Nowadays, iCloud allows its users to save data from third-party devices and sync them to iOS devices.


Why Should We Use iCloud Backup

Sometimes, your Apple devices run rather slow due to the full memory card. In this case, back up the photos with iCloud should be the best way to make more space. What’s more, It will be better if you can save your memorable photos to iCloud in case of any loss. So, this time, let’s learn some basic knowledge of how to back up photos with iCloud.

I’m going to take iPhone as an example.

Step 1

Firstly make sure you have already installed iCloud on your iPhone. Then, click on the setting button on the interface.

Step 2

In the opened list, press your Apple ID avatar and choose iCloud.

Step 3

Lastly, click on the photo option, and launch the iCloud photo library. Now, you have gotten the free access to the iCloud photos on all your iOS devices by signing the same Apple account.

In terms of the description above, iCloud seems to work really well if you want to backup your iPhone photos and save your memory card’s space. But why there are still many users complaining about its defects and choose other tools with similar function?

In fact, iCloud account only provides a 5GB space which is far from enough if photography is your daily job. The uploading process is also pretty slow if your network condition sucks. Moreover, the most inconvenient thing is that the photo stream on your iOS devices only store up to 1000 photos and the photos saved in iCloud will only last for 30 days. So, you might be asking whether there is another alternative to iCloud for photo backup?

Compared to iCloud, IOTransfer is really a highly efficient simple iOS file management software. You just need to connect your iOS device to a PC and export the photos from your photo library within only a few steps for backup. Of course, you can use it to transfer contacts, clean your iphone, and download online videos from mainstream sites as well

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC for Backup

Step 1

Free download, install and launch this iPhone transfer software. Connect your iPhone to PC via a USB cable. After it is recognized, click on “Manage” on the top of the interface.


Step 2

Choose “Photos” on the left. Then, press “Cameral Roll” or “Albums” to view the photos and select the photos you want to backup.


Step 3

Click on “Export” as shown in the picture below to transfer your photos to PC. In a short while, you will find them in the picture folder. Single picture and batch picture transfer are all supported.


By comparison, you should notice that IOTransfer allows transferring an unlimited number of photos from your iOS devices to PC and the transferring speed is not restrained by network speed either. Also, without tapping on a narrow phone screen to select photos one by one, you can delete iPhone photos in an easier way with a cursor.

Don’t hesitate anymore, come to free download the most easy-to-use iPhone manager to manage the files and clean up the mess within seconds!

Other Practical Features of IOTransfer

1.    Recovering deleted iMessages within clicks.

2.    Transferring or deleting music and videos from iPhone.

3.    Transferring photos from iPhone to MAC.

4.    Downloading lossless HD videos from mainstream sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

5.    Deleting E-mails from iPhone.

6.   Convert HEIC Photos to JPG

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