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Home > Tips > Can’t Delete Apps on iPhone - 3 Methods to Fix the Problem

Can’t Delete Apps on iPhone - 3 Methods to Fix the Problem

What to do if you can’t delete apps on iPhone. The article shows you three effective methods to fix can’t delete apps on your iPhone.

Updated Aug 17,2018 | by Joy

Running out of memory of your iPhone can be a headache problem when you want to buy or free download a new app from App Store. Then you may decide to delete some apps that you do not use anymore. However, a common problem occurs that you can’t delete apps on your iPhone. When you press and hold on an app, the usual “x” symbol might not appear in the upper-left corner of the icon as expected. Or the app is wiggling and with “x”, but when you tap the “x” nothing happens. Though this is not a frequent issue, it can be easily resolved. 

Why Can’t Delete Apps on Your iPhone?

Before finding the solutions for the problem, let us analyze the reasons why you can’t delete apps on your iPhone. Here I only list a few common reasons.

  • Apps are faulty or stuck

  • iOS system update may cause the problem

  • Do not enable ‘Deleting apps’ on ‘Restrictions’

  • Not enough memory for app updates

  • Errors in restoring from backup

How to Fix Can’t Delete Apps on iPhone in Three Methods

After understanding the causes of the problem, now check the solutions below to fix it in time.

Method 1: Simply Restart Your iPhone to Fix Can’t Delete Apps on iPhone

As I mentioned before, you may be unable to get the “x” symbol on the home screen after several trials. Or the apps are stuck and you can’t open and delete them anymore. What should you do at this moment? Sometimes, all you need to do is simply restart your iPhone. 

Step1. Tap and hold on the Sleep/Wake button. Then the pop-up option will ask you to slide to power off.

Step2. Slide the ‘Slide to power off’ button from left to right and wait until your iPhone turns off.


Method 2:Enable Restrictions for Deleting Apps to Fix Can’t Delete Apps on iPhone

Even if you restart your iPhone, you might find that you are still unable to delete apps on your iPhone. The reason may be the restrictions for deleting apps is disabled. Now follow the steps to enable restrictions for deleting apps.

Step1. Go to ‘Settings’ and tap ‘General’. Then switch on ‘Restrictions’ and click on it.


Step2. Click ‘Enable Restrictions’ tab. Then enter and re-enter your Restrictions Passcode as required.  


Step3. Find the ‘Deleting Apps’ and slide it to ‘On’ so that it is enabled.


Once finished the above steps, go back to your Home screen and try again to delete your apps.

Method 3: Fix Can’t Delete Apps on Your iPhone with a Third-party Tool

If all above methods can not help you delete apps on your iPhone, you can have a try with IOTransfer. The tool allows you to remove all apps in one click and delete apps in batch. Besides, it enables you to clean up your iPhone for more space. You can easily free up more storage space to download some new apps.

Before the steps, free download IOTransfer here and install it on your computer. Here you need to know that it works in Windows 7/8/8.1/10, iOS 8 or later.

Once downloaded and installed, follow the steps to fix can’t delete apps on your iPhone.

Step1. Open IOTransfer and connect your iPhone with a USB cable. Then directly click ‘MANAGE’ at the top menu and go to ‘Apps’.


Step2. Delete all apps - If you want to delete all apps on your iPhone, just check ‘Select All’ button and click ‘Delete’. Then the pop-up option will ask you to choose ‘Are you sure you want to delete the selected files from your device’. So you do not need to worry about that the tool will directly delete apps after clicking ‘Delete’ button. When you choose ‘Yes’, it will take several seconds to delete your apps.

Note: Do not disconnect your iPhone during the delete process.




Delete apps in batch - However, in general, you only need to delete a few apps rather than all apps. So let’s see how to delete apps in batch. Just simply check the apps you want to delete and then click ‘Delete’ button to choose the popup option as mentioned above.


Note: you should know there are still some default apps that you cannot delete, including Messages, Phone, Settings, Safari, Clock, Camera, Photos, App Store, Health, Wallet and Find iPhone.

Now you have successfully fixed can’t delete apps on your iPhone with this user-friendly tool. The steps are very simple. It's worth a try. Furthermore, it will enable you to make more space on iPhone.

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