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Home > Tips > HEIC vs JPEG/JPG - Difference Between HEIC and JPEG

HEIC vs JPEG/JPG - Difference Between HEIC and JPEG

What advantages does HEIC have over JPEG? This HEIC vs JPEG comparison will show your the difference between HEIC and JPEG/JPG, including supported operating system, image quality, and storage size. You can also learn how to convert HEIC to JPG easily.

Updated Mar 09,2018 | by Shannon

Apple announced a new image format named HEIC in iOS 11 to replace the most common JPEG image format. This new HEIC attracts a lot of attention, and also leave a lot of questions. What is HEIC? HEIC vs JPEG, what advantages and disadvantages does HEIC have? How to convert HEIC photos to JPEG/JPG?

Here we will guide you to know this new HEIC and its advantages over JPG. 


 HEIC (High Efficiency Image File Format) is a type of file format which created by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG). HEIC is the default photo format image for iPhones with iOS version 11  or 12. It was designed to save your iPhone storage space and provides higher image quality than its image JPG format. 

Title List

Part 1 HEIC VS JPEG/JPG - Comparison between HEIC and JPEG

1. HEIC VS JPEG - Supported Operating System

JPEG can support iOS, Windows, Android, Unix, and MacOS system. HEIC only supports iOS 11 and MacOS High Sierra(10.13). The JPG is more commonly used than HEIC format. 

If you have a lot of HEIC pictures and want to transfer them from your iPhone to your computer, you need to convert HEIC into JPG as your computer does not support HEIC. For now, you can do this job by using Online HEIC to JPG Converter and it will help you to covert HEIC picture to JPG which your computer can support.

2. HEIC VS JPEG - Image Quality

HEIC has better image quality than JPG. 
HIEC format can preserve the images' details. Please check the detail in the below picture. And if you compress the HEIC format file, this compressed file size more efficiently than JPG format.

the advantage of HEIC over JPG quality .png

the advantage of HEIC over JPG quality 1 .png

Close-up view:

the advantage of HEIC over JPG quality 2 .png

the advantage of HEIC over JPG quality 3 .png

3. HEIC VS JPG - Storage size 

HEIC is smaller and better than JPG.

The saved HEIC image is just half the size of JPG. That means you can store two HEIC photos on your iPhone  which are almost the same as one JPG photo.

the advantage of HEIC over JPG quality- Size.png

Part 2 How to Easily Convert HEIC to JPEG/JPG All at Once

If you used iOS 11 or above operating system and have difficulty in transfering or viewing HEIC images on Windows system or non-iOS devices, you are supposed to convert HEIC to JPG. How to convert HEIC photos to JPG all at onceIOTranfer, an iPhone/iPad manager, will do it for you easily. 

It will convert all HEIC photos to JPG during the process of transferring iPhone photos to PC. In this way, you can convert HEIC to JPG, and save iPhone photos to PC at the same time. 

Download IOTranfer now, and follow the steps to complete the converting.

Step 1 Insatll IOTransfer on Windows computer, launch it, and connect your iPhone to PC via a USB cable. Click "Trust" if the phone ask for. IOTransfer will load the data on your iPhone quickly.

2. home screen.png

Step 2 Go to the MANAGE section on the top, and click on the Photos >> Camera Roll on the left. Select the photos you want to convert or transfer, click on Export

4. manage photos.png

Step 3 During the process, it will ask if you want to convert HEIC photos to JPG. Click on OK


In this simple way, the HEIC photos will be transferred and converted to JPG on your computer. 

After reading this article, you can know those two image formats clearly and freely choose the best image format according to your requirement.

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