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Home > Tips > [Best Tutorial] Troubleshooting YouTube App Not Working on iPhone/iPad

[Best Tutorial] Troubleshooting YouTube App Not Working on iPhone/iPad

How to solve YouTube app not working on iPhone/iPad? Even after uninstalling and reinstalling the YouTube App on your iPhone still doesn't work properly? Fortunately, in the following tutorial, an effective program along with other regular methods will be brought in to handle the issue of YouTube App not working iPhone.

Updated Apr 03,2018 | by Micky

There are several causes of YouTube App not working on your iPhone. Sometimes, when trying playing YouTube App on iPhone, errors occur. For example, the notification “Playback Error Tap to Retry or Restart the Video” pops up, or the YouTube videos frequently buffer and stutter down to bad network connection. So, how to fix iPhone YouTube App not working is what I am going to illustrate in the following contents.


                                           YouTube App not working iPhone

The Ultimate Software to Fix YouTube App Not Working on iPhone

The issue of YouTube App not playing any videos might be caused by the App itself, like bugs, some sort of video codec error, incomplete App data, and other unknown glitches. In this case, trying downloading the problematic YouTube videos to your iPhone might be the most effective solution. So, here comes one question, is there any YouTube video downloader which can directly download lossless YouTube videos to iPhone?

IOTransfer YouTube video downloader does fit the bill best! The most convenient and effective iPhone YouTube video downloader enables you to download YouTube videos to PC or directly to iPhone within only several steps. Without disturbance from pop-up ads and unstable servers of those online video downloading services, the only thing you need to do is to input the video’s URL onto the program’s interface and begin the downloading process. That’s how it works!

Why won't iPhone YouTube App not working? Free download the most powerful iPhone transfer software to fix YouTube App not working iPhone.

Fix YouTube App Not Playing on iPhone within 3 Steps

Step 1 Copy the Video’s URL

Open YouTube App on iPhone, tap the video that doesn’t play, tap “Share” and then tap “Copy link”. If the YouTube App cannot be opened at all, you just need to go to, find the video and copy its link.

Step 2 Preparation before We Begin

Install and launch IOTransfer, connect your iPhone to PC via a USB cable and wait until it’s recognized.


Step 3 Begin to Fixing the YouTube App Playback Issue on iPhone

Click on “VIDEOS” at the top, paste the link you copied before onto the blank area beside “URL:”, preset an output folder for the downloaded video on PC and then tick off “Automatically transfer the downloaded videos into your iOS device”. Click on “Download” and in a short time, you can find the downloaded video both in the preset folder and in the video App on your iPhone. Go and check whether it is playable now.


Other Regular Solutions to YouTube App Not Working on Your iPhone

1.       Update YouTube App to the Latest Version

The newly released update may contain a certain pack that will fix the YouTube video playback glitch.

2.       Clear YouTube App Video Cache

Too many cache files may also crash the App. Download the ultimate iOS cleaner to remove junk files and cache generated by YouTube to let your iPhone run better.

3.       Optimize Your Network Condition

Disconnect and reconnect your iPhone to Wi-Fi, if it doesn’t work yet, trying a higher bandwidth.

Now, after the detailed tutorial above, I believe you can choose the most appropriate solution to the issue of iPhone/iPad YouTube App not working in terms of your own needs.

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For more detailed information on YouTube App iPhone playback glitches, please visit:

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