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Home > Tips > [Solution]How to Send iPhone Videos to Email If They Are Too Large

[Solution]How to Send iPhone Videos to Email If They Are Too Large

Are there any practical ways to send iPhone videos to email if they are too large? Many iPhone users complain they aren’t able to email iPhone videos via the mail App for the huge files size. You can find the best solution to this headache after reading the whole tutorial below!

Updated Apr 25,2018 | by Micky

It’s said that to avoid users from using too much data and prevent a server overload, Apple put a limit on the size of the files they want to send via the mail App on iPhone. It will be a big headache if anyone wants to send iPhone videos to email because we all know that, even a 15-second-long video recorded by iPhone camera can take lots of space due to its HD recording feature. So, you must be asking what to do when iPhone videos are too large to send? In the following tutorial, I will provide some top effective methods to help you deal with it.


Method 1 Downgrade iPhone Camera Video Quality

The newest type of iPhones tend to provide it users with the best photography experience with its HD video recording feature. The 1080P 60FPS and even 4K videos can be supported by many types of iPhones. However, the higher video resolution and frame rate usually predict the bigger size the recording will have which makes it impossible to send these iPhone videos to email. In this case, to downgrade iPhone camera video quality is the first choice to fix this issue.

First, please make sure the system should be at least iOS 9 and your device shouldn’t be older than iPhone 6.

Go to “Settings”, “ Photos & Camera”, and tap “Record Video”. Now, you can change the video parameter by yourself. 720P at 30FPS is usually the best option for regular users.


Method 2 Compress iPhone Videos via the Mail App

iPhone videos too large to send? The method 1 should work well only when you record a short clip of video, and if it’s too long, much space will still be taken.

In fact, there is a better way most users don’t know. You can directly compress iPhone videos via the mail App. Here, I will teach you how to make it step by step.

1.       Launch a new draft after opening the App on your iPhone. Fill in the email address and the subject line.

2.       Double tap quickly on any blank areas of the main body or press on for a few seconds. A menu will pop up with different items for you to choose. Select “ Insert Photo or Video”.


1.       The Photos App will be opened up and you need to tap on the video you want to compress and a process will be started now.

2.       After the process is finished, you will be taken to another screen where you should select “Choose” on the lower left corner. Then, the video compression will begin and after finished, you will be back to your email with the video attachment of .mov.


Method 3 Compress iPhone Videos with A Third Party Video Compressor on PC

To transfer iPhone videos in bulk to PC for video compression is also a good choice if you are still wondering how to email iPhone videos in large sizes. There are many notable video compressors in the market, for example, iFunSoft, Wondershare, WonderFox, and HandBrake. Now, let’s take iFunsoft for example (the use of different video compressor is nearly the same).

Step 1 Transfer iPhone Videos to PC

Find an iPhone transfer software on the internet and transfer your iPhone videos to PC. Then, install and launch iFunSoft, click on “Video” at the top and hit “+Add Files”. Select the iPhone videos you want to email and click on “Open” in the popped up windows.


Step 2 Preset Video Parameters and Begin Video Compression

Click on “Custom” at the top, customize the videos’ parameters in a similar way to that in step 1. Reduce the video resolution, frame rate, and bit rate according to your own needs. After it’s done, click on “Ok” and then press the button “Convert” to begin the video compression process. After it’s finished, you will find the iPhone videos in an output folder by default.

How to send large iPhone videos to email? Since I have provided the top 3 practical solutions, find the one you really prefer and have a try!

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