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Home > Tips > How Rewatch Instagram Live Videos by Sharing the Videos

How Rewatch Instagram Live Videos by Sharing the Videos

Wondering how to rewatch Instagram live video or how to share Instagram live videos, here is the place to get your answers.

Updated May 29,2019 | by Bennie

Since 2017, Instagram has added the feature of shared live story, which enables users to stream a live video and share a replay of their live stories for up to 24 hours. Thanks to this feature that users have a second chance to view those latest videos.

I will provide you the specific steps on how to rewatch Instagram live videos just by sharing the videos.

Part 1 Rewatch Insta Live Videos by Sharing

Step 1. In order to share your live video, you should broadcast one first. You can swipe over to "Live" mode in the Stories camera, tap the button and stream away. 



While filming a live video, people can leave comments by simply tap Comment on the bottom of the screen, and like your video. Anyone who is viewing the video can see those comments and likes.

Step 2. Once you finished your live video, tap “End” on the top right corner on the screen. Then from the pop-up screen, choose “End Live Video”.



Step 3. After you tap on “End Live Video”, another new screen pop up. You can know how many people watch your video so far, and a toggle near the button screen says that “Share your live video for the next 24 hours so more people can watch it”. The slider will default on the blue (On) option.


If you don’t want to share it, tap the toggle and select “Discard” to delete your live. Of course, you can top “Save” on the right corner to download your live video.

Note: Live video replay includes all the comments and likes from the original video. Once you share the live video, people can rewatch it for the next 24 hours. 

There is no directly way to share other’s replay of live videos to your story.

I would like to recommend another way for you to rewatch Insta live videos without limits. That is to Download the live videos permanently on your personal devices and share it whenever you like.

IOTransfer Instagram video downloader is capable of downloading Instagram live videos and converting them into different format.

If you are interested, you can watch the video below and follow the simple steps to make it work or view the tip how to download Instagram live videos.

Until here, you have learned how to share a live video no matter from yourself or a replay of other. The following part will tell you where to rewatch those live videos. 

Part 2 Where to Rewatch Instagram Live Videos

1. Rewatch your own live video. 

If you share your live video to your story, you can view it by simply tapping your story. 


2. Rewatch someone’s live video

Someone you follow shares a replay of their live video, their profile will instantly promote that they have a replay option available, usually showing as a colorful ring around it with a small play icon in the bottom. This is the same as your profile if you share a replay of live video.

Simply tap their profile pictures to view those live videos. 



While you watching a replay of a live video, you can see the comments and likes of the original broadcast. But you can’t comment on a live video replay, you can only leave a message directly. 

During the viewing of a replay of live video, you cantap the right and left side of the screen to skip forward and backward. Moreover, you can tap the arrows at the top of the screen to select your videos you interested in. 

Tips, after you watch the live video, you can tap image.png  to save the video for only your personal rewatch.

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