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Home > Tips > How to Put 2 Photos Together on iPhone (Vertical or Horizontal)

How to Put 2 Photos Together on iPhone (Vertical or Horizontal)

Learn how to put 2 photos together on your iPhone for free with Siri Shortcuts in 2020. Of course, you can use a free app to create more customizable image collage.

Updated Jun 09,2020 | by Cody

In this article, I will show you how to put 2 photos together on iPhone side by side or vertically. Actually, you do not need third-party apps. You can use Apple provided feature to do that just fine, and there is more than 1 way to get it done.

Combine Photos Together with Siri Shortcuts

As you probably know Siri Shortcuts is one of the main features in iOS 12. However, it does not come along with your iPhone. You need to free download it free AppStore. Luckily, Shortcuts has become a stock app since the release of iOS 13. You can use it to automate many tasks you do regularly.

Shortcuts app right now has more than 300 actions that you can use to create your custom shortcuts. Don’t worry about the learning curve because you don’t have to figure out how each action works.

There are many pre-made Siri shortcuts that you can get from the Shortcuts Gallery or other websites. For putting 2 photos together, shortcuts can easily get that done. You can simply get this shortcut to combine 2 or more photos together vertically or horizontally.

You can follow the steps below to see how it works.

Step 1. Download the shortcuts app if you haven’t. Get the Combine Images shortcut as mentioned.

Step 2. Open the Shortcuts app and run this shortcut by tapping on it. If needed, you can also modify this shortcut to make it available for Share Sheet. After that, you can select a few photos from the Photos app and combine them by running this shortcut from Share Sheet.


Step 3. Select the order, Chronological or Reverse Chronological. You can also enter the image spacing value if you want to have some space between each image. Otherwise, leave it as default 0.


Step 4. Select how you want to put the selected images. You can choose Horizontal or Vertical.


If you want to combine two iPhone screenshots to make a long iPhone screenshot , then you can get this shortcut. It can also automatically remove top status bar.

Step 5. You will get prompted with the combined image preview. If no problem, tap Done and select what you want to do with this combined photo. You can also select the option to delete the original selected images after saving the combined one.


It does not matter which iPhone model you have. As long as you have iOS 12 or later version, you can use the Shortcuts app to complete all these. That is to say, you can use your iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPad 5th gen or later models to combine images with Shortcuts easily. 

Shortcuts app is the updated version of Workflow. Shortcuts have many new features over Workflow, but a few actions that are available in Workflow are now gone in Shortcuts. For example, the Edit Image action is no available in the new Shortcuts app.

If you have not updated to iOS 12, then you can still get the Workflow app and use the Workflow to put 2, 3, or multiple photos side by side on even older iPhone models. 

App to Put Photos Together on iPhone

If you want to get more controls of how the photos combined, you can use a free photo collage app from AppStore like PicJointer. Not only can it put your photos together, but also provides a few effects to make them special.

If you want to combine multiple photos together, PicJointer has a few different patterns that you choose to decide how the photos are lined up. Of course, you can also edit the photos if within this app if needed.

230x0w (1).jpg

This app is very intuitive. Once you open it, you will know how to use it. The only problem is that this app requires in-app purchase to unlock some advanced features. The free version only allows you to do the basic stuff.

Other Methods

If you need really professional photos editing for combining your iPhone images, you may have to use your computer. The built-in app on your Windows PC or Mac is powerful enough to put two images together on your iPhone and make some special effects.

In order to quickly transfer photos between iPhone and PC, it is recommended to use a professional software IOTransfer . At its home screen, you can click one button to transfer all photos to your PC. For transferring one or more certain photos, you can simply drag and drop to transfer them.


Besides photos, you can also use this software to transfer other files. WiFi File Transfer is also supported, so you do not have to fetch your USB cable. Not just that, when your iPhone running out of space, you can also use IOTransfer to clean up junk files to free up space on iPhone. 

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