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Home > Tips > How to Manage iCloud Photos

How to Manage iCloud Photos

It can be easy to manage photos (and videos) on iCloud. Let’s see how to upload, download or delete iCloud photos on your Windows PC in the following guide.

Updated Mar 20,2019 | by Niko

iCloud is a great way to store, sync and access your iPhone photos and other files across different devices. The following article covers comprehensive information of iCloud photo management, including

·         how to upload photos to iCloud

·         how to download photos from iCloud

·         how to delete iCloud photos

·         how to manage iCloud photos on Windows PC

Let’s check one by one.

But before getting started, you have to make sure you know all about iCloud Login and iCloud Sign in Account.

How to Upload Photos to iCloud

If you want to upload your iPhone photos to iCloud, simply enable Photo feature in iCloud and then all the photos you capture will be synced with your iCloud account. To upload iPhone photos to iCloud, go to

Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud > Photos > enable “iCloud Photo Library” and “Upload to My Photo Stream”. Once this feature is activated, it uploads and stores your entire photo library as well as new photos in iCloud automatically. That’s quite convenient for you to access your iPhone photos from other devices.

For anyone who is using Windows PC and wants to upload photos from computer to iCloud, log in and upload photos to iCloud directly.

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upload photos icloudcom

How to Download or Delete Photos from iCloud

There are multiple ways available for you to download photos from iCloud. It’s quite easy if you want to download photos from iCloud Photo Stream or iCloud Photo Library to your iPhone. As long as you enable iCloud Photo Library and My Photo Stream in iCloud, the photos available in iCloud will be on your iPhone.

Likewise, if you want to delete photos from iCloud, directly delete them from your iPhone. It will synchronize the data and change to iCloud automatically.

Well, how to download photos from iCloud to computer, and how to delete iCloud photos on your Windows PC? Normally, you can take advantages of 2 methods: and iCloud for Windows program.

·         Login, select photos and download or delete. For downloading photos from, you can choose from downloading unmodified original or most compatible files

download photos icloudcom

delete photos icloudcom

·         When you use iCloud for Windows program, you cannot only download iCloud photos, but also manage videos, mail, bookmarks and etc.

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Easy Way to Manage iCloud Photos on Windows PC

Here is another easy method available, why not try this to manage iCloud photos in the easiest way - IOTransfer iCloud Photo Manager. No matter you want to delete, upload or download iCloud photos to iPhone or Windows PC, it meets your needs.

In the iCloud Photo Manager, all your iCloud photos will be displayed in up to 10 categories, such as Photos, Videos, Screenshots, Live Photos, Animated, Recently Deleted and etc. It’s easier to navigate to the photos you’re searching for.

iotransfer icloud photo manager login

manage icloud photos iotransfer

You are able to upload, download and bulk-delete photos from iCloud. Compared to other methods, IOTransfer iCloud Photo Manager ensures you more, including add iCloud photos to album, and share iCloud photos via links.

share icloud photos iotransfer

See more features of IOTransfer:

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