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Home > Tips > How to Create and Share iCloud Photo Album on iPhone

How to Create and Share iCloud Photo Album on iPhone

iCloud Photo Album ensures a great way to interact and share photos (and videos) with people. Check this guide, and learn how to create and share iCloud Photo Album on your iPhone in iOS 12.

Updated Feb 06,2019 | by Niko

Photos app is not just an app that stores your photos and videos on iPhone. Working with iCloud, the Photos app can offer you more impressive features. One of the best features is iCloud Photo Album on iPhone letting you share photos & videos with the people you choose. Besides, they are able to add their photos and comments as well.

If you like to share iCloud photos with friends, go with the following guide to create iCloud Photo Album and let people view your shared albums in iCloud on iPhone. Here’s how to create and share iCloud Photo Album on iPhone in details.

How to Create iCloud Photo Album on iPhone

Before creating iCloud Photo Album, you have to make sure iCloud is properly set up on your iPhone (and your other iOS devices as well), and then enable “Shared Album” feature.

To enable “Shared Album”,

Go to Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud > Photos, and enable “Shared Album”. Once it is enabled, you can create albums to share with other people, and subscribe to others’ shared albums.

1.enable shared albums.jpg

Now, go back to the Photos app to create iCloud Photo Album.

·       Open the Photos app, choose photos (or videos) you would like to share

·       Tap on the Share button at the lower left corner of the screen, and select “Shared Albums”

2.choose shared albums.jpg

·       Tap on “Shared Album” > “New Shared Album”, and give a name to the shared album, tap on “Next” the shared album.jpg

·       Invite your friends by tying their phone numbers or email addresses, and then tap on “Post”. If you don’t want to share this album at the moment, directly tap on Post without entering any contact, phone number or email address

4.share with people.jpg

Done! The iCloud Photo Album is created, and the people you invited can add their own photos into the album and leave their comments. For you, you are able to invite more people, and allow/disallow them to post to the album.

How to Share iCloud Photo Album on iPhone

By following above steps, you can create iCloud photo album just for your own. Actually, you are allowed to share iCloud Photo Album on iPhone with any others. Let’s go and see how to share iCloud Photo Album.

Step 1: Go to the Photos > Albums > Shared Albums. All the shared albums you create are available here

Step 2: Open the album you want to share, and choose “People” at the bottom

5.invite people to album.jpg

·       If you would like to share the iCloud Photo Album with your friends, tap on “Invite People…” and select people from the contacts

·       Turn on “Public Website” allowing anyone to view this shared album on

6.share album to anyone.png

Tips: iCloud Alternative – Backup Photos in Other Place

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